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Michael Pangilinan answers intriguing questions from Boy Abunda

Michael Pangilinan says what he’d do if he gets someone pregnant.


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11/21/2015 10:13 AM
Michael Pangilinan answers intriguing questions from Boy Abunda

112115-michaelpangilinan_PU.jpgOn Tonight with Boy Abunda, one of the stars of the current season of Your Face Sounds Familiar as well as the movie Pare, Mahal Mo Raw Ako Michael Pangilinan took the hot seat and faced such intriguing “hypothetical” questions.

Michael, who is also part of Star Music’s heartthrob singing group Harana, was asked hypothetically that if he was to impregnate someone, who would be the first person he’d inform. 

The singer took his time and even took a sip from his cup before answering, “Parang alam ko ito Tito boy ah. Siguro po kung malakas loob ko, parents ko siyempre. Pero hindi eh, kay Tito Jobert (referring to his manager Jobert Sucaldito) pa po kasi siya yung tutulong sa akin.” The host thus interpolated that his manager was to serve as his negotiator, to which the singer agreed.

Again, Michael was asked hypothetically that if he were to get a girl pregnant, would he think it to be detrimental to his career.

Michael answered firmly, “Hindi, hindi makakasira kung mangyari man yun. Kasi alam mo ngayon Tito Boy, yung mga tao sobrang mature na sila mag-isip. Hindi na sila yung, ‘ay nakabuntis, wala na yan, wala na yan.’ Kasi feeling ko Tito Boy, ngayon ha, tinitingnan nila yung talent, yung dedication mo sa ginagawa mo. Kung talagang worth it ka makasama sa isang project na ito. Kung saan man o kung ano mang trabaho mo, kung nasa office ka man, kahit makabuntis ka o kung ano mang mangyari, as long as hindi mo tinatakbuhan yung kung ano mang nagawa mo.”

With that, the host could not help but appreciate and laud the actor. “You know what you have? And I will say this, even if you’re a public figure, you’re the type na halimbawa mangyari ito, paninindigan mo in private. You are the type who wouldn’t run away from responsibility, and you are the type, and nakita ko ito and appreciate this dahil sobrang kaibigan ko si Jobert, you work hard. You work so hard as a singer and you have my respect.”

Although still a teenager, at 19, Michael had no qualms answering some of the highly controversial questions during the segment Fast Talk. When asked to choose between lights off and lights on, the singer answered lights on. Lastly, he was asked, “sex or chocolates?” He chose, “sex.”