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Composer Thyro teases about an upcoming Sarah Geronimo album

Thyro shares why 'Kilometro' was created for Sarah Geronimo.


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11/20/2015 5:05 AM
Composer Thyro teases about an upcoming Sarah Geronimo album

111915-THYRO_main.jpgPopsters have another thing to look forward to as Sarah Geronimo is set to release a new album, according to her "Kilometro" composer Thyro.

Although he specified no date as to when it would be out, the new album would come more than a year after Sarah's latest studio album Perfectly Imperfect was released.

"We've collaborated with her on this new album but I won't elaborate first," Thyro said in an interview at the annual Elements National Singing and Songwriting Camp. He added that he's not certain as to whether their collaboration would make it to the upcoming album.

But he clarified that the album is not going to be titled From The Top which also happens to be the title of Sarah's upcoming concert this December at the Araneta Coliseum.

Although he was mum about the album, Thyro openly spoke about how he created his pieces on Sarah's Perfectly Imperfect album namely "Dulo" and "Kilometro."

"Kilometro" he said was really written for Sarah.

While he admits that Sarah's known for big ballads, Thyro explained that they came up with the R&B-like "Kilometro" in order to give her a different sound. He even shared that "Kilometro" was actually the first single of Sarah's album and one that started with a title.

"Sabi ko if we're going to write a bagong song for Sarah gusto ko title palang matututo na ang tao. Something na odd. As in who will make a song about that?" said the 2015 Philpop grand champion.

He added, "You know what we just find what is different. Kasi ang Ikot Ikot makulit siya sa tenga. With Kilometro the intent was to attract because of its complexities. It's simple enough pero there's a lot of complexity there."

"Dulo" unlike "Kilometro" meanwhile got a different treatment as it didn't start with a chorus.

His inspiration was actually something personal.

"Di ba kapag nag-break kayo, it's either babatuhin mo siya at [sisigaw ka ng] 'Lumayas ka na, ayoko na sa ‘yo!' or 'yung time na after mong makipag-break nakaupo nalang kayong dalawa pero hindi kayo naguusap tapos parang iniisip niyo nalang 'Tapos na no? Tapos na tayo no?’" he recalled.

Although he has created notable chart-toppers like those for JaDine and Sarah and has won a number of citations, the most recent of which was for his song "Trianggulo" at the 2015 Philpop competition where he emerged as the grand champion, Thyro says he still wants to collaborate with a lot of local talents, like Gary Valenciano.