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Karen Davila on Alma Moreno interview: ‘I tried to help her’

Karen Davila explains her stance during the interview



11/19/2015 5:07 AM
Karen Davila on Alma Moreno interview: ‘I tried to help her’

111815-KAREN_main.jpgAfter senatorial candidate Alma Moreno’s interview with ANC’s “Headstart” host Karen Davila went viral, the former actress has been the most talked about topic on the social media. 

Although most of the netizens lauded Karen for exposing candidates for who they really are, some of the netizens still questioned her way of interviewing the former Paranaque councilor. An Instagram user defended Alma in her comment on Karen’s photo with Alma, which the news anchor posted after the interview..

“I totally disagree, dapat marunong din si @iamkarendavila na i-level ang sarili sa iniinterview niya. Nakakaawa ang maging mahina wala na ngang maisagot pinipiga pa rin... Alma is a guest of your show and she is not applying for any particular job na kailangang gisahin,” a certain @agp142000 commented.

Another Instagram user commented, “Kahit ako pag may interview at on the spot, hindi ko kakayanin.may mga tao kasi na mas magaling sa written,pwede mong i edit lang. Wala bang interview questions na binibigay bago ang interview? Sa akin kasi ang sukatan ng magaling na reporter, yung hindi lang ikaw ang lalabas na magaling.”

Karen then replied and clarified that she did help Alma by translating her questions to Tagalog even though the program’s format is supposed to be in English.

“NO, interview questions are never given to an interviewee. I research a lot & try and come as prepared as I can every single day. If you watched the interview in full, you will see that I shifted to Tagalog, during many times - I tried to help her. My previous interviews were much tougher - with Sen Bongbong Marcos for example or MIAA GM Anghel Honrado."
She also defended her way of interviewing Alma.

“When someone is running for higher office - they must have an understanding of issues. This is a standard we owe to the Filipino people. You will choose in the end. My job is to ask the hard questions. Salamat Maam,”

“Please note - I didn't ask Ms Alma Moreno about the West Phil Sea issue, but moved to RH Law because she said her advocacy is on 'women.' I took on from there - her thoughts on RH Law which is a landmark law crafted for women. Salamat po!”