JM de Guzman asks people not to blame Jessy Mendiola

JM de Guzman admits he is bipolar and is going through depression.



11/17/2015 6:09 AM
JM de Guzman asks people not to blame Jessy Mendiola

111615-JMALLOFME_main.jpgOn an Instagram post yesterday, JM de Guzman made a video of himself saying sorry for “losing control.” He also admitted that he’s bipolar.

In the video, which he has since deleted with his other posts the past couple of days, he said it was uncalled for and apologized for his behavior. 

“I lost control with myself again. And I would like to apologize from the bottom of my heart. That was uncalled for. But I am ok now. Peace.”

In his caption, he pleaded that people should not blame his ex-girlfriend Jessy Mendiola and his mother network, ABS-CBN, for his current condition.

“Please don't blame Jessy nor ABS-CBN and my All of Me family. I was going through very tough times, but by the grace of God. He guided me well and filled my heart with nothing but joy and peace. Again I sincerely apologize. Anxiety attacks and bipolar and depression. My occasional friends... Peace,” he wrote.

Despite the people’s allegations towards Jessy, she said in her previous interview that she and JM are still good friends.