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EXCLUSIVE: Isabelle Daza on Liz Uy’s case against FashionPulis: ‘You don’t respond to hate with hate

Isabelle Daza says she is not afraid of supporting her stylist friend Liz Uy in court.


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11/14/2015 11:53 PM
EXCLUSIVE: Isabelle Daza on Liz Uy’s case against FashionPulis: ‘You don’t respond to hate with hate

111415-isabelle_PUSH.jpgAfter being part of the Primetime Bida series Nathaniel earlier this year, Isabelle Daza is busy preparing for another exciting new soap with Zanjoe Marudo and Cristine Reyes. “I’m shooting Tubig at Langis right now so I’m a bit busy with that. It’s difficult but I’m challenged so I want to do it,” she admitted.

After recently stepping forward as one of the witnesses for her friend, stylist Liz Uy who filed an six online libel cases against FashionPulis blogger Michael Lim earlier this week, Belle said she has yet to find out if she will need to appear in court. “I don’t know. I’m just going to wait for them but I was there. And like what I said in the interview, when it happened I was a witness and that’s the reason why I was sworn in,” she said.

The 27-year-old model-actress said she did not think twice about standing up for what is right. "Liz is one of my best friends matagal na. Siguro ten years ago pa. Of course I was infuriated but at the same time you know you don’t respond to hate with hate. That’s something that I learned the hard way. I‘m really the type of friend that will stand by you. I’m actually very loyal. But I’m also the type of friend that if you do something wrong I will tell you and I will say, ‘Hindi, mali yan and you should apologize.’ I’m very frank that’s why I also keep my close and real friends very close. I don’t have a lot of iba-ibang friends because I’m very frank,” she shared.

With Michael Lim also posting his own statement online about not backing down from the P11M charges, Belle felt that her friend still has a strong case against him. "He can say what he wants but at the end of the day the court decides right?” she added.
111415-isabelle_PUSH.jpgThe new Whisper Skin Love endorser said she believes in the freedom of expression and responsible journalism. Belle said she wants to help start spreading more positivity online as well. “I definitely I think we all have the responsibility to report. If you’re going to pinpoint something or if you’re going to blame someone for something you should get the facts straight and I think that what Liz did is a sign of empowering us all, not just women but all of us who have been victimized by all of these malicious and kind of gossip that really came out of nowhere. I guess what we want to stand for also is to just stop the hate and negativity. Just spread love. Why should there be a place where all this negativity is being harbored?” she explained.

As a former member of the De La Salle University varsity soccer team, Belle said finding the right feminine pad is crucial for her until now. “If your pad is bulky and you’re running in a field and you’re playing for two hours, definitely your not giving your best. You know there’s something there that’s bothering you. Even some of us who isn’t sensitive to that will feel the heaviness, the weight especially when it’s hot. But if you have you’re period and you’re just lying down the whole day but it’s still kind of hot. That’s something I want to avoid and with this product it’s like your second skin,” she shared during the Whisper Skin Love event held last November 13 at the Chi Spa in Edsa Shangri-la hotel in Ortigas.