F4 member Vic Chou weds actress Reen Yu

Another member of the F4 gets married.



11/12/2015 5:05 AM
F4 member Vic Chou weds actress Reen Yu

111115-VICCHOU_main.jpgF4 member Vic Chou announced through Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site that he is now married to his longtime girlfriend actress Reen Yu on Tuesday. He shared two photos of their wedding and wrote, “Mrs. Chou is really beautiful. Yes, we got married. We thank friends for their blessings."

Reen’s agent also confirmed the news and told Apple Daily, “Reen Yu revealed that a while back, while eating at home, Zaizai suddenly asked her to marry him. She happily agreed. It was just that they were free today, so they went to register." The agent also added that Reen is not pregnant.

Vic, who was popularly known as Hua Ze Lei in the series “Meteor Garden” met Reen in 2009 when they were doing a crime drama series “Black & White” but their relationship was confirmed in 2012, when a photo of Reen hugging Vic from behind on his balcony during New Year’s Eve of the same year went online.

Barbie Hsu, who portrayed the role of Shan Cai in “Metor Garden” and also Vic’s ex-girlfriend congratulated them and said, “May they have a son soon! I'm very happy for Zai."


Photo credit: straitstimes.com