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EXCLUSIVE: Piolo Pascual reveals son Inigo is working on first studio album

Piolo Pascual says son Inigo is writing his own songs for the album


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10/7/2015 6:05 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Piolo Pascual reveals son Inigo is working on first studio album

100615-PIOLO_main.jpgPiolo Pascual is giving his all out support for his son Inigo Pascual’s venture into the music scene.

Inigo’s singing prowess has gained popularity through several performances on ASAP 20 in the past and more recently, through his short songs on his social media account.

In an exclusive interview with Push.com.ph, Piolo shared that his only son has always been passionate about music. 
“It’s his expression. More than acting it’s what he breathes. It’s what he lives. I see the artist in him whenever he composes songs. Whenever he writes lyrics,” he said in obvious amazement over his son’s musicality.

Apart from the fans’ praises, Inigo recently earned a nod from US singer Meghan Trainor after he posted a cover of the latter’s song “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” on his Instagram account.

The Silong star is completely aware of his son’s latest recognition. He adds, “I think he knows what he’s doing so you know he’s just expanding his network and he’s just putting it out there because he definitely has talent.”

As a father, Piolo says he’s hoping and praying for the best for his son even if some relentlessly compare them to one another. If anything, Piolo was gracious enough to admit that, as the comments say, his son is a better singer than him.
“Definitely, definitely. I remember him growing up I would have to teach him and guide him and now that he has found his niche, he has found his music. He’s so much better,” said Piolo.

Part of what he thinks makes Inigo better than him was the fact the latter is “more exposed” from the time that he stayed in the US.

Piolo is convinced that the said stay has helped Inigo a lot that “he could go the extra mile” as a composer something which he admittedly is not. But what truly amazed Piolo was the fact that his son doesn’t only compose but he also arranges his own songs. 

“I just know and I believe that he will do more in terms of music and also I hope in acting because he certainly has a talent and the knack for it,” added Piolo.

Does Inigo have plans of producing his own album?

“Yes he’s producing his own album. We’re doing our albums at the same time,” he revealed.

Piolo added that his only son already has a couple of songs and is currently in the process of recording them.
“I told him to just release his own entity so that he has the ownership because that’s his music and that’s his mind. So I encouraged him to produce his own,” he ended.