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EXCLUSIVE: Is Bianca Gonzalez saying goodbye to showbiz for good?

Bianca Gonzalez says she looks forward to being a hands-on mom with her baby Lucia.

EXCLUSIVE: Is Bianca Gonzalez saying goodbye to showbiz for good?-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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10/04/2015 09:44 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Is Bianca Gonzalez saying goodbye to showbiz for good?

100415-bianca.jpgAfter taking a leave from her hosting duties on PBB737 and on Cinema One’s Cinema News, Bianca Gonzalez-Intal is now expecting her first child to arrive this month. The 32-year-old Kapamilya talent is already on her 36th week of pregnancy. “Full na full (term) is 40 weeks pero they say pag 38 or 37th week puwede na. Thankfully she’s been super easy. As in, nung early part like when I hit two and a half months I went through the pagod na pagod phase, parang nasusuka but not that bad. Parang konti lang. And then super drama ko pa nun kasi akala ko the whole nine months would be like that. I remember opening up to my mom and saying, ‘Thank you for caring for us three kids. Ang hirap pala (laughs).’ ‘Kala ko the whole time would be that bad pero after a month wala back to normal. Until now I’m still working, I’m still working out. It’s not a maselan pregnancy at all so I’m so thankful she’s an easy baby because I’ve had friends who had stories na talagang either bedrest or hirap or the whole time may nausea so I’m super lucky sobra,” she explained during her baby shower event hosted by Cinema One at the Paire Resto in Quezon city.

Bianca said that she and husband JC Intal have already decided on a name for their firstborn. “Nung nalaman namin na girl we had a few names in mind, wala kaming name na mga bagong uso or unique. It’s all the traditional names talaga that we were looking at and one day si JC came home and said, ‘How about Lucia?’ I’ve always liked that name and then so nag-intay pa kami kasi I didn’t want to decide kaagad kasi it’s so crucial eh the name of a person. parang ang laking part yun nung magiging life niya. Lucia kasi means light so parang things happened in our life na she really served as the light in a dark time or when people would say, ‘Oy you have a glow pero the glow is from within.’ So I told JC parang puwede talaga yung Lucia kasi parang within daw eh so light yun so siya yun,” she shared.


The revelation of baby Lucia was accidental on JC’s part according to Bianca. “We weren’t supposed to share the name kaagad. JC kasi is in the national team now so nung nasa Estonia sila for a tune up tournament, they got messages from the players greeting their families. Of course the other players would greet their wives and their kids ganyan. So nung hiningan daw siya ng greeting sinabi naman daw niya, ‘Hi B! Hi Lucia! Hi family!’ Sabi pa niya oh no baka magalit si Bianca (laughs) kasi na-reveal na niya. Pero for him it’s really how he refers to her. So I guess it’s really her name na. We didn’t want to share it kasi baka at the very last minute maiba eh. But when he said it sabi ko sure na yung name niya talaga,” she added.

100415-bianca.jpgPreparations for arrival of the baby in their house are still ongoing for the couple. “The room is going very slowly pa lang. Ang dami palang kailangan for a baby my goodness. As in the checklist of things she needs is so long. Thankfully we have a few items naman. When I officially go on leave, I am going to finish everything na. I was able to find a common schedule with my husband and we were able to take a birthing class so that was important to me kasi I really want to give birth normally. Ayokong matataranta kaming dalawa kasi first time namin so it’s good kasi na-explain yung contractions, how do you know if it’s real or ano ba yung stages. For me it’s not just me pregnant, it’s the two of us eh. Kasi I take care of my tiyan and my husband takes care of me so parang it’s really a effort for the both of us,” she admitted.

With her leave from showbiz becoming official this month, is Bianca ready to quit showbiz for motherhood? “I actually don’t know. Originally I was supposed to wait until Big Brother’s Big Night, talagang pipilitin ko. Eh parang we got extended. By the time mag-Big Night kami it’s like my 39th week na, talagang delikado na so thankfully they’re so supportive naman and I’ll just be leaving the show earlier tutal there’s Toni (Gonzaga) and Robi (Domingo) and Enchong (Dee) hosting so that’s no problem. I’m already on leave in Cinema News. pero knowing me, baka after a month I’d want to go back to work na. Sanay na ako na I’m always working and lalo naman the taping isn’t long. So I don’t know, it’s my first time. I don’t know how long I’ll be gone from work pero knowing me I’ll still find a way to work from home when the baby is sleeping,” she said.

Bianca said she is open to becoming a full-time mom as well. “I can’t say never. i don’t know the feeling eh. Parang they say when she’s there na, when she’s out mag-iiba daw talaga so I really can’t tell. But so far because of the nature of my work naman like I can do some articles at home or tapings are half a day lang naman so I can bring her. It’s so doable. I’ll definitely be hands-on as much as I can but yung how long I’ll be gone from work I can’t tell. But thankfully it’s flexible so madaling ayusin,” she added.

100415-bianca.jpgTo help prepare her body to give birth, Bianca continued her pilates workouts with some modifications. “Until now I do pre-natal pilates. It’s really more of stretching. Kasi when there’s a baby all your organs daw nagsisiksikan sila so it helps stretch that and it helps keep your back strong, mga ganyan. Even with alignment it helps a lot. It’s really all exercises na makakaalalay to make you stronger for the baby. Prior to getting pregnant I’ve been doing it four years na so sanay na sanay na my body. My OB also said to go workout because it’s good for me,” she shared.

With the arrival of baby Lucia any day now, Bianca admitted she will look forward to being pregnant again in the future. “Since this pregnancy was easy I told nga my husband, ‘Feeling ko I’ll miss being pregnant. It’s such a joy. Everyone’s nicer to you, they offer you chairs. They ask, ‘Naiiinitan ka ba? Gusto mo ng tubig?’ Everyone is extra maalalay. But aside from that, I’ve had migraines since childhood every month na malala and ever since I got pregnant, ni ubo, sipon, lagnat, migraine, headache I had none at all so sabi ko this is the most sick-free I’ve been in my life since I started working. I don’t have my period so I don’t get cranky or PMS. My hormones naman are not so wild. So it’s been talagang ang sarap pala. So hopefully if ever when the second one comes ganun din. Kasi di ba they say yung second (pregnancy) iba dun sa first? With kids I’m happy with two. We’ve been talking about it. We’ll just see after that if ma-e-extend,” she said.