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Why was Isabel Oli ordered to go on bed rest after learning about her pregnancy?

Isabel Oli and John Prats are set to name their baby Feather if it's girl and Keoni if it's a boy.


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10/31/2015 11:39 AM
Why was Isabel Oli ordered to go on bed rest after learning about her pregnancy?

103115-isabeloli_PUSH.jpgThree months into her pregnancy and Isabel Oli said she remains very cautious of her movements after being on bed rest for a month.

The actress who happens to be one of the first models of local restaurant Max's, which celebrated its 70th anniversary recently, shared that her doctors have advised her against taping and standing for long hours.

According to her these are actually just basic precautionary measures for most pregnant women. But, during an interview at the event, she shared that her doctor advised to keep herself from strenuous activities because of what happened to her the first time that she and husband John Prats learned about her pregnancy.

"Kasi na-bedrest ako for one month kasi hindi namin alam noong una na I was pregnant," she said.

"One month na pala hindi namin alam. So nag-te-taping kami halos everyday, hindi na nga kami halos nagkikita rin. Tapos taping ako, shooting ako, gym tapos hiking kami. Grabe tapos may swimming pa ako. So nagkaroon ng blood sa tabi ng sac. Eh kailangan mag-bed rest," Isabel further explained.

Now though, Isabel happily shared that she's in a better shape. 

"Medyo wala na akong ganang kumain. Pero normally oatmeal lang ang kinakain ko and the normal me is really matakaw, ngayon talagang sobrang hindi ako kumakain," she said adding that she also experience morning sickness which many attribute to "paglilihi."

Does she have plans of taking a break from the limelight after she gives birth to their first child?

"Ako maybe years talaga kasi e-enjoyin ko muna talaga siguro. Focus talaga. Maybe the guesting will be there, mga raket raket okay lang. Pero pag taping hindi pa talaga," she said.

As early as now, excited parents Isabel and John already came up with potential names for their first-born.

"Actually secret 'yun. Sa sobrang excitement nasabi niya [John]. Kapag lalaki Keoni that's how I name for John. Kapag babae naman Feather," she said.

The name Feather, according to Isabel, is something that she has stumbled upon in the past.

"May idol kasi ako na singer tapos 'yung apo niya 'yun ang name tapos sobra akong gigil na gigil name palang. Parang ang cute naman nito, girl na girl. Kaya 'yun. Tsaka unique. Gusto lang namin ng medyo kakaiba," she said.

As for the altnative male name, Isabel explained that Keoni actually meant John.

She explained, "Parang special rin sa amin kasi Hawaiian word siya and doon kami nag-honeymoon."

Isabel and John are set welcome their first baby in the middle of next year.