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EXCLUSIVE: Ylona Garcia on handling fame: ‘I still have so much to prove’

Ylona Garcia talks about joining showbiz and her family back home in Australia.


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11/1/2015 4:26 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Ylona Garcia on handling fame: ‘I still have so much to prove’

103115-yonagarcia_PUSH.jpgWhen she first entered the Pinoy Big Brother House, Ylona Garcia admits she did not know what to expect. But after making it to the first batch of the PBB 737 Big Four, the pretty teen housemate admitted even her family back in Australia was surprised at her growing popularity not just in the country but with TFC fans abroad. “When I first left, they were just like, ‘Yay! She’s gone!’ (laughs) That’s what they’re saying and I’m just like, ‘Whoa, what are you saying? Okay okay.’ But you know what, I’ve always been the type of comedy person in my family and I’d always be joking around with them so of course I know they’re just joking. We’re family so we love each other. But they also say, ‘Do people look up to her there? Oh my gosh that’s so weird!’ They still find it weird because it’s not something that they would expect. But they’re so happy for me which is what I love. I’m so happy that they’re supportive,” she told Push.com.ph

Having participated in various Kapamilya events already this year, the 13-year-old "Daldal Darling of Australia” said she is still not used to getting all the attention from her fans. "Nope. Nope. Nope! That’s all I can say. Nope! Really. To be honest I honestly thought that after the show I’d be relieved but really ever since the first week I’ve been in PBB I’ve been thinking like, ‘Okay let’s just get this over and done with. Let’s just have fun and enjoy because it’s still an amazing opportunity.’ And after it I didn’t think that I’d get something that was so much more like I still have so much to prove to my fans. It’s amazing. Really it’s something that you wouldn’t expect and the unexpected things can turn out to be the most amazing things that come,” she admitted.

Known for her independent spirit and bubbly personality, Ylona also shared that even when she lived abroad her personal style was already very laidback and hip. "Well it actually depends. Growing up in Australia I usually looked up to usually Selena Gomez with fashion or Carla Delevigne. When I go to my friend’s house or I go tot heir birthday party I wear nice tops like very stylish ones. Kind of cropped tops and high jeans. I’ve always loved that type of style. And chokers as well. But usually when I just inside my home I usually wear big shirts because I’m comfortable in them,” she said.