Liza Soberano says ‘I love you’ back to Enrique Gil

Enrique Gil says “I Love You” everyday to Liza Soberano

Liza Soberano says ‘I love you’ back to Enrique Gil-Cristina Malonzo-Balane
Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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10/28/2015 07:46 AM
Liza Soberano says ‘I love you’ back to Enrique Gil

The other half of the popular love team “LizQuen” and one of the stars of the movie Everyday, I Love You,’ Enrique was asked, “Are you the boy of Liza’s dreams or are you the one who will make her dreams come true?”

Para sa akin po parehas. 100% sure po ako dyan,” he said.

Enrique, who is really close with his family, shared that his mom likes Liza a lot and would sometimes even invite her to their house and cook for her, especially her favorite, Mexican food.

During the course of the interview, the actor admitted that he has only fallen in love once. “Only right now, only once talaga,” he said. “Siyempre sa past relationships ko, I thought I was falling in love. Para sa akin kasi when you fall in love, you cannot fall out of love. Kung mahal mo yung tao na yun kahit wala na kayo, you (will always) care for that person, but you’re not ‘in love’ with the person.”

The actor also admitted to being a jealous person depending on the situation. “Kapag uy uy di tama yun a, parang dapat akin lang yun a, dapat sa akin lang ginagawa yun a,” he said.

For Liza’s debut this January, Enrique plans to take Liza to Paris and visit Disneyland. “Kasi ever since before daw, she’s never been to Disneyland, yun talaga yung dream niya since bata pa sya. Gusto niya rin mag Paris, it’s her dream to go to Paris. So on her birthday, imbes mag grand celebration ng birthday nya, (…) ABS-CBN wanted to give her a big debut, pero sabi nya, ‘ayaw ko, I just want to travel to Paris.’ So sabi ko, ‘tamang tama doon ako nag first Disneyland when I was a kid in Paris.’ So gusto first Disneyland niya sa Paris din, with my Mom, kasama yung Mom ko.

The host asked Enrique if he and Liza are officially together; the actor answered, “as much I want to, hindi pa,” and that he is, “just waiting for the yes.”

The actor believes in forever, and admitted to saying “I love you” everyday to Liza. And when asked, “Does she answer (I love you) back?” The actor strongly said, “Siyempre.” 

Lastly, the actor was asked, “Huling sayaw ng buhay mo Quen, nasaan?

Gusto ko po kasama yung family ko, lahat sila kumpletong nanonood.” 

The host interjected, “Who are you dancing with?”

Siyempre po si Liza.”