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Bamboo is looking into ‘lessening’ his TV stints

Bamboo hopes to focus on his solo sophomore album ‘Bless this Mess’

Bamboo is looking into ‘lessening’ his TV stints-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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10/27/2015 07:51 AM
Bamboo is looking into ‘lessening’ his TV stints
102715-BAMBOO_main.jpgAlmost four years since releasing his first solo album No Water, No Moon, rock musician Bamboo is back in the recording scene with his sophomore album Bless this Mess.

The album which was recorded in New York is released under Polyeast Records and is set to be out in the market come October 30.

During the recently concluded album launch, the “Firepower” singer explained why it took him four years before he was able to come up with a new album as a solo performer.

“It’s The Voice. It’s TV. It’s not easy going on TV. It takes a lot of your time and you want to commit to what you do. I can’t manage my time then. So ang nangyari doon is I’m writing songs in the pocket. It was a long stretch to write. I was trying to find space and time. Sabi ko I’ll figure it out,” he said.

Bamboo has been part of all the seasons of the reality singing show as a mentor since its first season back in 2013. 

Even if he has discovered how to balance his other projects and writing music, Bamboo stressed that he still took the time in creating his songs for the album because he wanted to create something special and cohesive for his fans.

Ang gusto ko isang buong album. That’s what I wanted. I don’t want to release an EP, I want the whole thing. I want to go to the studio and enjoy it as well. That’s my favorite time, going to the studio. That’s highest of the highs. That’s up in the mountains,” he explained. “After recording, after the studio, it’s all downhill.”

As with new albums, the 37-year-old musician is certain that he would have to devote time on his “new baby.” This is the reason why fans of the “Masaya” singer can expect to see less of him on TV.

“Maybe I’ll lessen it [being on TV]. That’s to a degree,” he said. “I guess I sort of want to figure out what works now because this is my new baby. So what happens with all the albums in the past is I had to find song to match this album and to be able to show this around. I guess I want to do that like give time for that.”

However, with The Voice coming again in a few months, Bamboo has expressed interest to still be part of the show despite his plans for his new album.

“That’s a hard commitment as well. Every season you get a whole wave of artists and you want to help every single one of them ‘di ba? I’ll help them within the show because it’s a growing family lang eh. You just know how to help and who to connect to,” he said.

In the end, Bamboo expressed happiness with the success of his Camp Kawayan members whom he says “has progressed over the years.” Among those that he was most proud of was The Voice Kids’ JK Labajo.

“He’s headed the right way as an artist and as a musician. And then he does his own things in acting as well. I’m just so happy for him,” he said of the Pangako Sa’Yo star.