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Ms. Pastillas Angel Yap denies choosing Richard Parojinog because he is rich

Pastillas couple Angel Yap and Richard Parojinog reveal their relationship status


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10/22/2015 8:46 AM
Ms. Pastillas Angel Yap denies choosing Richard Parojinog because he is rich

102215-MSPASTILLAS_main.jpgOn Tonight with Boy Abunda, Angelica “Angel” Jane Yap and Richard Parojinog recounted their journey to becoming Ms. and Mr. Pastillas.

It all began when Angelica’s video of her unique pastillas recipe went viral. The recipe is unlike any recipe because it served as a metaphor for the heartbreak that Angel just went through before she made that video.

Asked how she was feeling when she made the video, Angelica said, “pinaghalo-halo na po yun, siyempre galing po ako sa heartbreak nun tapos hindi lang naman dun yung hugot ko e. Aside from that I had four boyfriends before the last.”

Asked why pastillas was her recipe of choice, Angel explained, “kasi di ba matamis ang pastillas, very white, very pure. Tapos hahaluan mo ng ano, para siyang contrast e. Yung matamis iaano mo siya to bitterness.”

This is the viral video that Richard got to watch and he was smitten right away by the girl in the video because “humanga po ako dahil parang matapang na babae.” Richard said he likes feisty women, specifically, “yung mukhang madaldal.”

The second time he saw Angel was on It’s Showtime. Richard said there was no other way for him to meet her that’s why he took to Twitter to express his desire to meet Angel and that's where he was chosen to be part of the search for Mr. Pastillas.

Richer admitted being hurt for Angel when bashers say It’s Showtime is pimping her. “Hindi naman po binubugaw. Pinapakita po ng show kung paano po nanliligaw ang mga lalaki ngayon. Kasi bihira na ngayon umakyat ng ligaw ang mga lalaki. Kasi ngayon sa Facebook na lang or ite-text na lang. Yung sa amin pinapakita yung modern way ng panliligaw.” 

102215-MSPASTILLAS_main.jpgAsked what she learned in her journey as Ms Pastillas, Angel said, “All throughout ang ginawa ng Showtime family is buoin ako. Not only na parang i-ready ka for another relationship, pero i-ready ka muna as a person, na mahalin mo muna yung sarili mo. Make sure na wala kang issues sa family, sa friends. Yan kasi yung tinutukan ng Showtime.  Then kapag okay ka na, ready ka na and then go magmahal ka uli.” 

She even revealed Richard is not rich and Richard confirmed this. Asked why people had the impression he was rich, Richard explained he brought lechon the first day he came on It’s Showtime. Richard said the lechon was just given to him.

Richard denied using Angel for fame. Richard said he doesn't want to be in showbiz but that he wouldn't close doors if there are offers.

Angel shared they’ve already gone out, but always in the company of other people. Richard is also teaching Angel how to speak Bisaya.

Richard confirmed Angel is a potential girlfriend. “magaan ang loob ko sa kanya, Tito Boy.” Angel also felt Richard is a potential beau. “Hindi ko naman po siya pipiliing Mr. Pastillas kung hindi.”