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EXCLUSIVE: Pastillas Girl’s new admirers Mick and Bry reveal their plans on how to pursue her

Mick Ballouq and Bryan del Rosario says that they don’t feel intimidated by the other admirers.



10/2/2015 8:46 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Pastillas Girl’s new admirers Mick and Bry reveal their plans on how to pursue her

100215-Pastillasboys_main.jpgMick Ballouq and Bryan del Rosario are the newest additions to Angelica Yap aka Pastillas Girl’s admirers. In an exclusive interview with Push.com.ph, they shared some basic information about themselves and also their plans on how to win her heart.

Mick is from Dubai went to the Philippines six years ago to continue his studies. His mother is a Filipina and his father is Lebanese. Mick also shared his life before meeting Pastillas Girl.

“I’ve been self-supporting here in Manila for three years now; I was born and raised in Ilo-Ilo but currently residing here in Manila. I’m a singer I’m with a three-part harmony kind of a group called JBK and ‘yun po we’re doing corporate shows, mall shows and OPM artist po kami and we have an upcoming album,” he shared.

Both of them discovered Pastillas Girl through her video that went viral. When asked about the traits that they like about her, Mick answered, “‘Yung personality niya unang-una the way na in-express niya sarili niya sa video na ‘yun is kakaiba ‘di ba? So you get this like strong aura or vibe from her,” while Bryan said, “Parehas kami ng story with relationship and ang lakas kasi ng dating niya.

Bryan has been single for three years now and Mick has been single for around two years. Now that they’re both ready to fall in love again, they were asked about their strategies on how to pursue Pastillas Girl.

“Well I’ll be here of course to pursue Ms. Pastillas and I’ll be true to myself. Syempre gagamitin ko ang pagiging Ilonggo ko, pagiging singer ko and I’m actually passionate about writing songs if I’m in love or if I’m inspired,” said Bryan.

“Obviously I’d like to get to know her more, maybe if it’s possible we could go on a date tipong kaming dalawa lang, usap lang you know, get to know each other like in real life I mean may crush ka kakausapin mo ‘yung crush mo,” Mick answered.

They shared the lessons that they have learned from their past relationship that can be applied in their future love life.

For Bryan, “Siguro pag nasaktan ka just think na there’s someone better and just move on.” And for Mick he said, “The most important thing siguro in a relationship is developing each other. Parang you’re there to help her and she’s there to help you and siguro two-way effort para mag-survive ‘yung relationship.”

Since they’re not the only ones who showed their admiration for Pastillas Girl, they were also asked if they feel intimidated by the others.

“I’m not really intimidated siguro kinakabahan lang kung sino pipiliin niya ganun pero I don’t wanna set this as a competition between us,” Mick said. Bryan also didn’t feel intimidated and added that “he understands” the situation.