5 Celebs who love their nannies

5 Celebs who love their nannies-Joan Leary
Joan Leary


10/02/2015 01:23 PM
5 Celebs who love their nannies
Some celebrities have nannies that have been an essential part of their lives. They have been there to aid them with their tasks and helped them become the people they are today. Here are some of the celebrities who also shared the spotlight with their nannies and expressed their gratitude for their loyalty and love.

1. KC Concepcion
KC Concepcion has her Nanay Lina while her mom Sharon Cuneta had her dearly beloved nanny Luring who even appeared with her in a commercial.

2. Piolo Pascual 
His fans have admired Piolo and Moi’s relationship since she has always been there for Piolo. Moi has also ventured into showbiz.

3. Kris Aquino
Kris Aquino recently attended Yaya Gerbel’s wedding in Tagaytay, which was a gift from her and her sons Josh and Bimby. Kris announced last February that Yaya Gerbel was leaving to have her own family and made her shine on her show Kris TV.

4. Pokwang
Pokwang and her Yaya Annie have been doing funny videos that just show how close they are.

5. Heart Evangelista
Heart and her Yaya Juliet have been very close since the latter has taken care of the former from when Heart’s mother was still pregnant.