Bianca Gonzalez: 'Being married has been such a joy'

Bianca Gonzalez feels blessed to have her first child.

Bianca Gonzalez: 'Being married has been such a joy'-Kristhoff  Cagape
Kristhoff Cagape


10/16/2015 04:03 PM
Bianca Gonzalez: 'Being married has been such a joy'
101615-BIANCA2_main.jpgBianca Gonzalez remarked that she is definitely enjoying her married life. The 32-year old television host said that she still feels like that she is in the honeymoon stage with husband JC Intal. "Life has changed big time [but] being married has been such a joy. Honeymoon stage pa yata kami even if we never got to go on our honeymoon yet!" she said in an interview with Mega magazine for its October issue. 

Bianca is now pregnant with their first child. She believes that the timing is just right for their first baby. "I wanted to enjoy married life na kaming dalawa muna. But we were so, so lucky to be blessed with a child right away. I guess it's also because I'm 32 years old, and for a first child, the timing seems right," she said. She quipped, "But I told JC basta ako na ang masususnod sa timing of our next baby." 

Now that she is pregnant, Bianca has lessened her workload to find more time to relax. "Since finding out about being pregnant last March, I've pretty much kept the same work commitments, but with a more considerable load! Less puyat as much as possible and longer sleeping hours. There were some projects I was not able to take on because of my pregnancy—some that required a lot of travel, long hours of taping—but all in all I think our daughter has brought my husband and I more luck in our work [rather] than missed opportunities," she said.

With the many changes that brought about by her pregnancy, Bianca still strives to maintain looking good. "I realized that you have to put in the effort not just to "look good" for my husband or for other people, but also for me to feel confident despite my changing body."

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