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Liza Soberano on her mom: 'She said she's proud of me'

Liza Soberano says her mother is very happy with what she has achieved as an actress.

Kristhoff Cagape


10/16/2015 06:09 AM
Liza Soberano on her mom: 'She said she's proud of me'
101515-LIZA_main.jpgLiza Soberano admitted that she did not dream of being part of showbiz before. "My childhood dream was to be a doctor because it was my mom's dream. Then my grandfather was in the Navy so I wanted to be in the army. As I got older, I was always fascinated by the human brain so I want to take Psychology as my pre-law. I want to be lawyer too, but now, I think I'll be more of a psychologist," she said in an interview with StarStudio magazine for its October issue.

She shared that she was a fan of teleseryes when she moved to the Philippines. "Even at first I didn't understand the language, pinapanood ko talaga 'yung Tayong Dalawa ni Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu. Then sinubaybayan ko 'yung Mara Clara ni Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes, and then Agua Bendita ni Andi Eigenmann."

When she signed up with Star Magic, Liza was fortunately chosen to be part of the movie Must Be Love with Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. The young star remarked that she considers it as her first major work as an actress. "I consider Must Be Love as my first legit project kasi na-feel ko talaga na bin-bash ako. Must Be Love is a favorite project because I did my best talaga. I could say that I'm most proud of that because I didn't get the chance to attend too may workshops during that time and I just really wanted to prove that I can do it so I tried my best. I put my heart and soul into it," she said.

Liza shared that her family back in the United States are very supportive of what she has achieved in the entertainment industry here in the country. "My lolo said, 'I thought you wanted to be a doctor?' I didn't know if he was happy, but now he watches The Filipino Channel to catch and record my shows." She further relayed, "My mom was surprised because she didn't think I would be an artista but she was very happy for me. She said she's proud of me."

Liza's career soared when she starred in the hit soap Forevermore alongside Enrique Gil. When asked if she feels like she made it already, she replied, "People made me feel like that. I like it when they call me Agnes because at least, tumatak 'yung character sa kanila. It wasn't that I felt okay na 'yung career  - it was more about the talent. I'm not saying I'm very good, but at least people were able to appreciate it na, and hindi tulad ng dati na sinsabihan kang 'Ang pangit umarte!' I really wanted to excel but I'm not saying I'm the best because no one ever stops from learning."

Read the full interview of Liza Soberano and her onscreen partner Enrique Gil in the October issue of StarStudio magazine available in newsstands nationwide.