What made Denise Laurel cry on Your Face Sounds Familiar?

In a surprise turn of events, Sam Concepcion wins this week because of Denise Laurel.


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10/13/2015 6:04 AM
What made Denise Laurel cry on Your Face Sounds Familiar?

101215-denise_head.jpgOn Your Face Sounds Familiar, Sam Concepcion got the highest points for his effortless impersonation of Dong Abay in his “Banal na Aso” performance.

Denise Laurel also shone on the stage as Lea Salonga. Judge Jed Madela deemed her performance as “spot on.” Denise also cried profusely when Judge Gary Valenciano told her she’s one of the “truly underrated” artists and that if he could, he would have told the Broadway star, “Lea you need to see her. She convinced us here sa YFSF that she is Lea Salonga.”

Denise even shared a duet with Jed, singing "Sun and Moon" from Lea's first West End play, Miss Saigon. 

Denise could have won first prize this week as she and Sam were tied at 24 points. However, Denise was generous enough to give her 3 points to Sam as she thought Sam deserved the top spot.

This is Sam’s second win on the show and he will be sharing half of his P100,000 cash prize with World Vision.