Will Annabelle Rama run for congress again next year?

Annabelle Rama says that she will be part of the campaign trail next year whether she’s running or not.


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10/11/2015 8:46 AM
Will Annabelle Rama run for congress again next year?

101115-anabellle_main.jpgFeisty talent manager Annabelle Rama remains undecided whether she’s seeking a political seat for the upcoming 2016 national elections.

“I have one more week to decide,” said Annabelle in a recent interview in Ricky Lo’s column in The Philippine Star on whether she’s running for a congressional seat for the third district of Cebu.

Since it’s the same position she ran for and lost in the 2013 elections, Annabelle added, “Dapat pag-isipan ko ng mabuti.”

The filing for the Certificate of Candidacy starts on Monday, Oct. 12, and ends on Friday, Oct. 16.

Annabelle, who’s known for her firmness and frankness, confessed that she did learn a thing or two from her failed attempt into entering politics in the past.

“Be careful who to trust. Mag-ingat maski sa mga taong kunwari close sa ’yo, at pati na rin sa mga kamag-anak na hindi naman lahat kampi sa ’yo. Trust only your immediate family,” she said.

She added that she also realized that campaigning requires more from a person than just charming the crowd with handshakes, home visits, and the occasional wave here and there.

“You need money, money, money,” said Annabelle.

She however stressed, “But you should be careful who to give money because you can never be sure kung sino ang talagang loyal sa’yo.”

Although she remains uncertain if she will be running again, one thing is certain, she will be part of the campaign season next year.

 “I will do that for Cebu City Mayor Mike Rama who is my first cousin,” she shared.