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Solenn Heussaff admits she thought working with ex Derek Ramsay would be awkward

Solenn Heussaff talks about seeing ex Derek Ramsay again after almost a decade.

Solenn Heussaff admits she thought working with ex Derek Ramsay would be awkward-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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10/02/2015 06:08 AM
Solenn Heussaff admits she thought working with ex Derek Ramsay would be awkward
100115-SOLENN.jpgStarring in the upcoming new romantic film Flotsam the movie, Solenn Heussaff said it was fun shooting for two straight weeks in the surf town of La Union. The 30-year-old actress plays the role of a work-obsessed overachiever Kai in the film. “I’m an architect and I’m a contractor and I helped build Flotsam and Jetsam the hostel which my best friend owns and she’s played by Carla Humphries. In the movie you don’t see me surfing, you see me on the board and learning but there’s no big waves. It’s tiring to be shooting on the beach all the time under the sun but it’s fun. It was super fun. They taught us a lot and you just get inspired by everyone on the set. We had to block off two weeks straight. We couldn’t go above two weeks because my schedule was becoming a bit hectic. We did it and I’m happy it was filmed straight because you really get to stay in the role and keep the atmosphere and it doesn’t feel like you’re shooting on a set. It just feels so natural,” she shared during the Flotsam the movie presscon held last September 30 at 12 Monkeys Music Hall and Pub in Makati city.

Solenn admitted she accepted the role in the surf movie which features eight different love stories because of her connection to the director and the storyline. “I just really loved the script. I love the fact that direk Jay Abello and I met also on set, I was a makeup artist, he was a cameraman on Camera Cafe. Si Assunta de Rossi and LJ Reyes were there. So parang it’s a cute story (laughs).  And I love that the script is so light kasi TV is full of drama, it’s so mabigat and people are already going through their own sh*t so why should they watch sh*t that makes things depressing as sh*t? (laughs) I just wanted something happy and light na may love story, may konting drama but it’s not like you go out of the theater crying, yung ganun. Masaya at madaming iba-ibang love stories so for sure lahat ng tao makaka-relate kahit sa isang story lang,” she explained.

Currently in the middle of her own wedding planning, Solenn said it was no problem during shooting and even until now. The Fil-French beauty said she is still keeping mum about any details she has finalized. “No (it wasn’t a problem). That’s just paper. I can do it by e-mail (laughs). I’m still keeping everything a secret. No one’s going to know anything. (laughs). Because it’s a personal thing and you want it to be magical and the more people talk about it and the more it gets magulo, parang ayoko na. I want to keep it private. Lalabas naman. When it happens I’ll share,” she explained. When asked if maybe she had already gotten married, Solenn chose a playful answer, “Secret! Everything’s a secret (laughs).”

100115-SOLENN.jpgAfter shooting Flotsam, Solenn also shared how it is working on the set of a new movie project with her former beau Derek Ramsay. “Ako naman it’s been nine or ten years. I’m actually surprised about how it’s very good. We talked a lot and it’s very natural, like we had just seen each other the day before. So I’m happy I accepted it. We’re both more mature now. We’re mature adults now. But I’m happy we got to reconnect. I thought there would be (awkwardness) to be quite honest. Not like a bad awkward, just siyempre naman weird. Nothing. It was super normal and happy,” she said.

When asked how she felt when Derek admitted she was the girl he broke his heart for, Solenn admitted it was a big compliment. “Actually I didn’t watch the interview. He was telling the truth. At least he’s very honest and siyempre naman I got touched. We had a very good relationship and intense when we were young. Memorable. He’s part of my life and I’m part of his life,” she added.

Her fiance Nico Bolzicco is also not bothered by her working with an ex-boyfriend. “Yeah, Nico’s fine. Siyempre naman I spoke to him before to be sure. But I’ve done so many movies with different guys. It shouldn’t be any different so he’s very supportive,” she said.

Flotsam, a film by Jay Abello starts showing on November 4 in theaters nationwide. It also stars Rocco Naccino, Carla Humphries, Franco Daza, Mara Lopez, and Marco Abaya.