Deniece Cornejo open to pursuing a showbiz career

Deniece also says her face is not surgically enhanced.

Deniece Cornejo open to pursuing a showbiz career-Ann Manhit
Ann Manhit


01/30/2015 12:30 PM
Deniece Cornejo open to pursuing a showbiz career
After many months of enduring judgment from the public, Deniece Cornejo begins 2015 on a hopeful note according to her interview with Yahoo! Celebrity Philippines. “I just take on what I want in life, especially my goals,” she shares. “Ini-involve ko ‘yung sarili ko sa mga bagay na makakatulong sa akin.” 

She maintains that she is innocent from the charges against her and hopes that, soon enough, she will finally be absolved of sin. For now, she chooses to put back her life one bit at a time. “I’m doing paintings and sooner or later, I will also involve myself in sculpting and going back to designing and styling.” 

Out on bail, Deniece busies herself with her online business and charity work.

Is she open to idea of a showbiz career? The model-entrepreneur has not turned sour despite being hounded by the media at the height of her case against Vhong Navarro. “If it’s a good offer, I leave it to God. If it’s for me, it’s for me,” Furthermore, she sees it as an opportunity for the public to be presented with a more positive side of her. “Para makilala rin ako ng tao kung sino talaga ako and hindi yung nakikita nila sa other [side]."

One of people’s first glimpses of Deniece was in 2009, when she appeared on a segment of then-noontime show Wowowee. Many of those who saw the YouTube clip commented that there was a significant difference between Deniece’s looks then and now, suggesting that her features may have been surgically enhanced. Deniece vehemently denies this. “Ay, wala, wala po [retoke]. Medyo bata pa po ako noon. Syempre nag-iimprove naman ang tao. Siyempre nagdedevelop naman siya.” 

Five years has passed since then, and Deniece attributes her improved features to nature. She claims that half a decade is enough time for her features to develop, sans external help. “That’s what you call puberty.”