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Eric ‘Eruption’ Tai shares details about upcoming wedding with Rona Samson

Eric ‘Eruption’ Tai says he is planning an intimate wedding with fiancée Rona Samson.

Kristhoff Cagape


01/13/2015 08:33 AM
Eric ‘Eruption’ Tai shares details about upcoming wedding with Rona Samson
011315-erictai_main.jpgEric “Eruption” Tai is gearing up for his upcoming wedding with non-showbiz girlfriend Rona Samson on March 6, 2015. He remarked that he is ecstatic to finally tie the knot with the love of his life. “It's a little stressful but at the same time exciting because it’s the first time I experience anything like this, first time to be engaged and first time to be married so a learning experience so maraming nagbibigay ng payo at advice sa akin kung ano ang gagawin para pagdating ng araw handa na and so that everything will be smooth,” he said in an interview with Push.com.ph.

Eruption shared that he is helping out his fiancée with the planning, concept, and the preparations. “Both of us, we're working together talaga. I’m trying to help her as much as I can. Siyempre with the hectic working schedule I’m trying to take as much as I can as much responsibility as a partner to take it off her hands too at the same time kasi kawawa din ‘yung mga babae, they call it the bride's day, I think you know it should be equal, the groom should help out as well as much as he can for preparations.

Eruption relayed that they have already picked a theme for their wedding. “Color wise it's funny it's going to be gray and different shades of pink. Pink and gray are her favorite colors and pink and gray parang bagay sila and white so ‘pag more of those two colors and oh well ‘yun ang gusto so go ‘yan, gagawin natin.”

They will be wed in a church in Metro Manila with their family and close friends as their witnesses. Eruption said that they want their wedding to be as intimate as possible. “Church wedding first and then from the church wedding derecho na sa reception so its going to be a separate lugar, dito lang naman sa Metro Manila. I don’t want to travel so far and it's gonna be so hard trying to get everyone there. I just wanna try to be considerate of other people na papunta din and my family is coming from Australia, New Zealand, the States and tsaka ‘yung pamilya niya rin sa States din and here so it's going to be an amazing experience sa pamilya ko na hindi pa nakapunta dito sa Pilipinas or hindi pa nakabalik for a long, long time,” he said.

He added, “I’m really trying to keep it private, it’s not going to a be a massive, massive wedding, ‘yung sakto lang, intimate wedding at the same time but a lot of fun. We have a lot of things prepared for it para maging masaya and kakaiba at the same time.”

Eruption remarked that he is truly happy to be back on It’s Showtime after he needed to work on his working visa. He extended his gratitude to those who helped him during that challenging period in his life. “I just wanted to thank first our Heavenly Father for His constant guidance. My brother and father of Showtime, Direk Bobet (Vidanes) for allowing me to take time and take care of my personal situation and Commissioner Sigfred Mison of the Bureau of Immigration for assisting my lawyer Atty. Tablang in this matter. Words truly cannot express my gratitude to all those that have assisted me in this long process. Thank you.”

Aside from hosting the noon time show, Eruption will also be busy with his sports apparel business this 2015. “Definitely meron akong a little group on the side we are called ‘The Gentleman’, we have a brand together it’s called… siyempre we were thinking of putting out a brand of something that we love because that’s where it all comes down to pagmahal mo ‘yung trabaho it feels like nothing right? It feels like you’re not even at work parang hindi trabaho talaga because we all love the gym, me, AndiySmith and Will Devaughn, we put out a brand called G3 Athletic Apparel and so it’s sportswear,” he shared.