Shaira Luna: From Genius to Goddess

Back in the ‘90s, Shaira Luna was synonymous with“child genius.”



9/9/2014 9:31 AM
Shaira Luna: From Genius to Goddess

090914-shaira_main.jpgBack in the ‘90s, Shaira Luna was synonymous with“child genius.” At 13, she was already on the fast track to a career in medicine. Before long, Shaira realized that science wasn’t a good fit for her. She would find herself sneaking out of the house to watch some of her friends’ gigs, and would capture the moment with a basic point-and-shoot.

“From bands, I started photographing places, events, and every odd thing in between,” she reminisces. “I continued taking casual pictures throughout my break until people started saying I had an eye for good images. Even my colleagues at Channel 2 would notice my preference of being behind the scenes than in front of the camera.”

Recognized as a professional photographer, Shaira has these life lessons to share. “Even if you don't have the equipment or skills just yet, remember that your mind is the best camera and hard drive. Research, keep your senses open and alert. Be curious about things, otherwise you'll end up restraining yourself. Think about your questions and you’ll find sensible answers. Make the most of what you have and click away.”

Since then, Shaira has followed her passion. In her line of work, she had to make connections with her clients and get out of her comfort zone. “Communicating a vision or idea to the people I work with always takes some courage and extra effort on my part, because although I'm always chipper and excited while shooting, I'm really introverted and not too comfortable around a lot of people.”