Billy Crawford lands in jail after Star Magic Ball

Report said Billy Crawford is currently facing a malicious mischief charge after attacking a police officer


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9/7/2014 12:24 PM
Billy Crawford lands in jail after Star Magic Ball

031213-billy_main.jpgSometimes it's not so much as the glitz and glam of the Star Magic Ball that the spectators are waiting for but what happens after, in between, and behind closed doors during the annual event that make it to the headlines the following day.

A GMA News TV report which aired on Sunday morning said that It's Showtime host Billy Crawford is currently detained at Police Station 7 inside Fort Bonifacio Global City after supposedly attacking a police officer after the ball and during the wee hours of the morning.

"Batay sa paunang imbestigasyon dumating sa presinto si billy pasado alas kwatro ng madaling araw kasama ang isang babae para humingi ng tulong," the report said.

"Pero ng sabihing ihahatid siya ng mobile sa headquarters, bigla nalang daw umanong nagwala ang aktor at sinuntok ang desk officer na babae," it further added.

What's more is that Billy also supposedly punched the glass door of the police station which eventually prompted the police to arrest him. 

Due to the stunt, the Filipino-American actor-singer is currently facing malicious mischief charges, according to the report. He was also brought to the hospital to be checked, the report added.

Billy's camp has yet to comment on this incident.

Recall that last night he went to the ball with his girlfriend Coleen Garcia, however it was not mentioned in the report if she was the lady that Billy was with when he reportedly went to the police station.