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Antoinette Taus on her showbiz comeback: ‘I've definitely matured

Antoinette Taus admits she is looking forward to moving on from her teenybopper image.

Antoinette Taus on her showbiz comeback: ‘I've definitely matured-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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09/30/2014 07:25 AM
Antoinette Taus on her showbiz comeback: ‘I've definitely matured
040514-antoinette_main.jpgAfter a ten-year hiatus from Philippine showbiz, Antoinette Taus admitted she is happy to be back in the country after a long absence. “I was only supposed to be here on vacation lang talaga. Tapos parang grabe nag-iba iba na yung mga pangyayari, the comeback daw, ganyan, kahit hindi ako nag-ka-comeback. Like I said, I just went with the flow of things. Some things in the States puwede naman mag-antay kahit papaano and yun I'm here because everybody made me feel so happy and welcome and at home,” she shared.

More than the nervousness of reintroducing herself to a new generation of fans, Antoinette said people have been nothing but positive about her unexpected return. “It's amazing actually. I wasn't expecting it to feel this way pero sobrang nakakataba ng puso, masaya, exciting kasi ibang iba na yung showbiz. Dati wala namang mga ganitong event’ di ba? But it's fun, it's becoming more glamorous just like Hollywood. It's pretty cool,” she admitted.

From starting showbiz in her early teens as part of Ang TV to blossoming into a teen star, Antoinette said there have been a lot of changes since she went back to the US. “I've definitely matured and I definitely have so much more wisdom. When I left I was a naïve young girl and now I really think I've grown into a woman. I'm a little bit of a late bloomer pero kahit na late bloomer parang ang dami ko ng natutunan especially because I was living in the States independently for ten years. I wasn't even with my family, si Tom lang (kasama ko). I wasn't living with my parents, my dad was living in another State so parang kami talaga ni Tom ang gumagawa ng lahat on our own in LA. It was exciting and there were a lot of adventures. So for me you got to live life, you got to take it step-by-step, you got to get signs from God based on what you think you should do so that me being here right now I feel like God was telling me, 'You should come home. Be here.' So I'm taking it step-by-step,” she admitted.

This year, the 33-year-old singer-actress said she is looking forward to doing a variety of projects so she can show her talents once again. “I'm super excited. I'm basically jumping into everything that I used to do before. Singing so there's going to be singles, an album, hopefully a couple of movies and then maybe a TV show soon. So everything is in the works. I just signed with Viva Artist agency. It's in their hands. I used to be with them before so I'm excited to be back with them again,” she said.

A dream project for her would be a more complex role that is far from the teenybopper image she used to project. “You know honestly as long as it's a good story I'm open to anything. I've always been excited to play tougher roles like in Patayin Sa Sindak si Barbara, I don't even mind doing like a kontrabida role if need be (laughs). I think nowadays people understand that it's acting, it doesn't mean that that's who you are. So I'm really looking forward to playing roles that are not pa-tweetums,” she added. 

Antoinette also said she is happy that she and her brother (who is also an Ang TV alumni) Tom won't be that far from each other while she is resuming her career in the country. “He is going to be constantly touring now so he's going to be in the Philippines and other parts of Asia, even back in L.A in the States. He's just making the rounds of DJ-ing. So that's what he's doing full-time. I'm also happy for him and he is doing what he loves,” she said.