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Coleen Garcia denies having a sex tape

Coleen says she just brushed the sex tape rumor aside when she first heard about it

Maureen Marie Belmonte

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09/28/2014 08:10 PM
Coleen Garcia denies having a sex tape
092914-coleen_main.jpgKapamilya star Coleen Garcia is absolutely certain that no one in this world has seen any sex video involving her simply because it doesn't exist.

Coleen made this declaration during her live appearance on The Buzz's Sunday episode wherein she clarified that she never got angry despite the proliferation of such rumor.

"No. That came out in the height of everything that was happening to Billy (Crawford) so dinedma ko na lang siya because there were so many other things that I needed to worry about,she said referring to her boyfriend's drunken incident at a Taguig precinct early this month."

Coleen says she was too preoccupied at that time that it came out to even bother about it.

"There were so many other things that I needed to fix. Alam ko naman na hindi totoo 'yun so when I when heard about it, I really just heard about it. I didn't click any links or anything. Sinabi ko na that's impossible so I brushed it aside na kaagad," she explained.

Apart from the supposed existence of a sex tape starring Coleen another speculation that cropped up was that the couple supposedly had a fight which led to Billy's temper souring up.

Highlighting that she wasn't there when the incident happened she said, "No naman. Well when I got into the car he was mad like he was really mad and I don't know why. So nagtataka ako bakit, I thought I did something wrong and the next day I woke up and he was in prison. Nagulat nalang ako."

She continued, "I got into the car para iwas away nalang or anything cause I knew he was mad. My friends brought me home because sabi niya sa friends ko iuwi na lang muna ako. So I didn't know what really happened that night."

So it wasn't her that triggered Billy's temper?

"No, I thought I was the reason so people were asking me the next day nung hindi ko pa siya nakausap. Tinatanong nila ako kung nag-away ba kami and sinasabi ko Siguro kasi galit siya sa akin and I don't know the reason why," she answered.

The 23-year-old actress was only able to clearly grasp what truly transpired after speaking with her boyfriend, "Naging klaro na when he was explaining it to me when I visited him na someone provoked him that night so nagalit na siya. He wasn't in a state to explain himself so ang ginagawa niya nilalabas na lang niya ang galit niya."