The Many Hats of Jodi Sta. Maria

The Many Hats of Jodi Sta. Maria-Krissa Donida
Krissa Donida


09/28/2014 01:23 AM
The Many Hats of Jodi Sta. Maria
092814-jodi_main.jpgJodi Sta. Maria’s Instagram profile reads: “Actress. Mother. Travel Bug. Phoenix. God’s work in progress.” Best known as Be Careful with My Heart’s Maya, Jodi has captured the hearts of Filipinos young and old with her simple and heartwarming ways.

In her interview with Working Mom Magazine, Jodi admitted that she was not always the confident woman she now projects. “Lagi kasi akong parang nahihiya,” she recalled. With the help of mentors, she has learned to be happier with herself. “I don’t have to be someone else just to please people. I accepted me. Take it or leave it.” Like Maya, Jodi has remained down-to-earth despite the success that has come her way. “Masaya na ako na makatulog ng seven hours or makanood ako ng film or makapag-date kami ni Muy (Thirdy) or makapagluto sa bahay,” she shared. “Parang nalagpasan ko na iyong rewarding myself with materials things.

Perhaps what makes her even more endearing is the fact that she brings a lot of herself in the role. Being a single mom to Thirdy, she is able to give input on how Maya juggles her career and family life. With a good head on her shoulders, she has the foresight to prepare for the future of her son. A mom-preneur, she is part-owner of the milkshake bar, Happy Barn Milkshake Factory, and bar-resto Rue Bourbon.

With all the hats that she wears, the one Jodi wears with utmost pride and joy is her “mommy hat”. Even with her busy schedule, she remains a hands-on mom to Thirdy and sets aside time to exchange stories with him. “I enjoy our conversations,” she said proudly. “Before we sleep at night, he would ask me to tell him funny stories at magkukuwento din siya. Nagkukuwento siya kung ano ang mga iniisip niya, iyong mga thoughts niya as a kid.

Grab the September 2014 issue of Working Mom Magazine and read more about Mommy Jodi and her little “man of the house”.