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Stars show support for Mo Twister’s daughter Moira’s rare disorder

The controversial DJ turned to social media to promote the annual charity event.


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9/18/2014 7:05 PM
Stars show support for Mo Twister’s daughter Moira’s rare disorder


After moving to the States following the video scandal of him and ex-girlfriend Rhian Ramos a few years ago, deejay Mo Twister (real name Mohan Gumatay) has been keeping a relatively low-key presence even though he still maintains his local morning FM radio show which he does via phone patch daily. 

 The 36-year-old deejay has a daughter from former actress Bunny Paras, who had also moved to the US. A few years ago, when rumors that his daughter Moira has brain cancer started circulating, Mo clarified the issue by admitting that his daughter had Ataxia, a rare nerve condition. Last September 15, the outspoken radio personality posted on his Instagram account to help promote an event for his daughter called, “Walk N’ Roll with Moira, the 6th Annual Walk n’ Roll for Ataxia which will happen on 

September 20 in Long Beach, California. As of September 18, the post already had More than 1,300 likes and 80 comments, with local celebrities like Denise Laurel, Heart Evangelista, Ruffa Gutierrez, Bianca Gonzales, Sunshine Cruz, Geneva Cruz, and Ramon Bautista sharing the post on their own accounts to help promote the event. 

Mo Twister wrote, “Hi everyone! Let me introduce you to my daughter @moira28. She’s pretty awesome – smart, kind, funny, though I don’t like her choice with makeup but I assume that will improve in time. Moira is also the strongest person I know. She has a neuro muscular disorder called Friedrich’s Ataxia, and this Saturday they will have their annual fund raising event. It’s a rare disorder so they can use all the funding anyone can give – no matter how much. Please support my daughter if you can pledge any amount here:


“Doctors say she will be in a wheelchair full-time and we hope to be able to find a cure beforehand. If not though, I promise you this, she will still be that awesome, smart, kind, funny, and strong girl (with questionable makeup ability) on wheels!”

 “I never ask anything from my followers and listeners til now. Can you please do me a solid and donate for her and for the 
cause? I’d appreciate it a million times over. Any amount will suffice, and like I said, it will go toward finding a cure for 
this rare and unfortunate disorder. Thanks!”

 Mo’s daughter Moira Greenway (who was adopted by Bunny Paras’s husband Tom when they got married in 2009, showed how touched she was by her biological father’s post by commenting, “This picture is three years old but thanks dad. Love you”