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Sharon Cuneta is poised for comeback

Sharon Cuneta promises to complete all her projects as soon as possible.

Maureen Marie Belmonte

Twitter: @MissHappyWriter


09/18/2014 10:07 AM
Sharon Cuneta is poised for comeback
091814-sharon_main.jpgAfter taking a hiatus and making headlines almost a month ago, Megastar Sharon Cuneta is apparently making a comeback pretty soon. This was what the veteran actress hinted on her recent Facebook post which she wrote for her fans to “hold on tight” because she will “make up for the lost time” with them.

Her message read:

“My Beloved Sharonians, Remember I asked you to "hang on, don't let go?"

I have apologized to you, explained to you, thanked you... And now, I PROMISE YOU that I will make up for lost time. I promise you that you will have your Sharon back, SOON!

I promise you that by God's grace I will be able to complete all my PROJECTS as soon as possible, one after another, and they will all be my GIFT TO YOU -- for staying with me, steadfast and true... for loving and supporting me through all my ups and downs.You are my inspiration, and I will never be able to thank God enough for you! I love you all and treasure you. Thank you!

 Hold on tight.


Sharon, also via her Facebook account, admitted to undergoing a midlife crisis last month. After apologizing to her fans for letting them down and admitting that she went to one of the lowest points in her life, she assured them that she would continue to live her life to the fullest and inspire people that way she knows how.Apart from her daughter KC Concepcion and her husband Kiko Pangilinan, Sharon’s close friend Judy Ann Santos also expressed support for her Ate.