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Billy Crawford denies being high on drugs during police station incident

Billy proudly shared that he did underwent a drug test before he was detained and that the result turned out negative

Maureen Marie Belmonte

Twitter: @MissHappyWriter


09/15/2014 03:32 AM
Billy Crawford denies being high on drugs during police station incident
091514-billy_main.jpgFollowing the controversy he got embroiled in recently, TV host Billy Crawford has once and for all spoken at length about what truly led him to Police Station 7 in Taguig last September 6, the same night as the Star Magic Ball.

In an interview with The Buzz on Sunday, Billy began his narration by saying that "There's nothing that triggered me at the ball."

He says that, he along with friends and girlfriend Coleen Garcia, went to a bar after the ball to have some good time.

"To be honest with you, when you go to clubs and say you are a celebrity andaming nangsisira ng araw mo eh. There were a few guys that nobody knew who they were. I didn't know who they were and they ended up in the same section where we were but they kept in pointing fingers and laughing, nang-iinis. Nang-aasar," recalled Billy.

He added, "So ako i'm on my guard now. I'm with Coleen, I don't want anything to happen to her including our friends and for myself as well. So parang sige alis na lang tayo, let's just go."

While he already admitted in previous reports he had a few drinks that night, the It's Showtime host clarified that he was still rational and not "completely wasted" at that time. However he confessed to having been in a lot of stress recently.

What happened next was, "So push comes to shove, umalis nalang ako. I went down. Actually pinauna ko pa si Coleen sabi ko 'Just go nalang i'll follow nalang later.' And all of sudden, I don't why but I just felt so aggravated, annoyed. I went to try to clear my head at least."

To make his boiling temper worse, Billy shared that he accidentally crashed his car once when he went outside.

"'Yun na, parang it just took its toll on me. Parang I just wanted to settle down and I didn't know anyone who lives nearby. Wala eh and I was calling friends to 'Hey come here and meet me.'"

"Eksakto I called Coleen's friend which is the girl in red. She actually went with me tapos napaupo lang ako sa curb and nanginginig nako sa hindi ko alam kung ano ang naiisip ko na. I don't really wanna drive and end up hurting myself and hurting anyone else. Eksakto I saw the precinct so I walked over seeking for help 'cause I just needed to calm down," he continued.

091514-billy_main.jpgPrior to this interview, since news of him being detained went out and despite his apology a lot of people continued to make speculations about what truly happened and what caused him to act that way. Among the guesses that cropped up was that he was supposedly having some problems with Coleen due allegedly to a sex scandal by the latter.

An issue which he addressed early on the interview by saying that, "Unang-una sa lahat, sa mga spekulasyon po ng tao na kami ni Coleen nagaway or something, let's just out that to rest. Actually she has nothing to do with this."

The Bright Lights singer shared that he and Coleen are "getting through this" and are "being strong."

"She did. Tito Boy I really wouldn't be out right now if it wasn't for her help. When the news came out, it was a wrong accusation right away eh. Nanakit ako ng babae. First of all, I don't and I never will. I was raised properly. And pinagtanggol niya ako. Laking pasasalamat ko. She means the world to me," he said about Coleen's move to rally to his side.

Meanwhile another speculation that came out was that Billy was supposedly high on drugs during that night hence the incident.

To this he said, "When I was actually arrested na and taken to Taguig. I actually was sat down in front of a major and a few other officers and they asked me 'Would you mind taking the drug test?' Sabi ko 'Sure wala naman po akong maitatago eh.' I do mot do drugs and I never will. So I did my drug test, so it was negative. As usual, as I said."

"No. ABS just really wanted me to rest and they really wanted me to reassess everything and just to make a right decision for everyone. Pero they talked to me about it and they said pahinga ka muna," Billy clarified.