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Will Jake Cuenca go full frontal in The Naked Truth?

Jake Cuenca shares why the Bench event will be his last outing in an underwear fashion show.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


09/13/2014 05:08 AM
Will Jake Cuenca go full frontal in The Naked Truth?
091314-jake_main.jpgBefore he leaves the country for an intensive acting workshop at the prestigious Lee Strasburg Theatre and Film Institute in New York city, Jake Cuenca is preparing for the upcoming Bench Denim and Underwear Fashion show dubbed “The Naked Truth” on September 19.

The 26-year-old actor said he is excited at the thought of going back to school and living in a rented loft for a month. “There’s a saying that you’re only as good as your last role so for me I don’t want to bank on one performance that I did and dun na ako, I’ll stop there, I was praised there and now I’m set. Ayoko maging kampante so I want to keep learning and I want to better myself. And the only way to do that is to study. Kumbaga yung mga ibang artista nga sa States they have a masters degree in acting. For me the least I can do is go on a one-month intense workshop at Lee Strasburg. Ibo-broaden ko lang yung range ko. Gusto ko lang lumawakl yung perspective ko when it comes to acting. I just want to keep pushing myself to be better,” he shared during his presscon held last September 11 inside ABS-CBN.

Jake said it was an achievement in itself to be accepted in the school where a lot of famous celebrities in Hollywood studied, like James Dean, Marlon Brando, Angelina Jolie, Robert De Niro, Sean Penn, and Scarlett Johansson among others. “All I know is all my idols acted there. Aside from that method that it teaches he based it all on Stanislavsky which is method acting talaga, I read that book. So more or less talaga I have some interpretation of it. Magandang experience ito for me not just as an actor but as a person kasi I’m going to go there as a newbie, parang baguhan, no one knows me there so I’m going to start from scratch,” he said.

While he is away, Jake said his girlfriend model Chanel Olive Thomas will be busy as well abroad. “She’s going on vacation with her family, mag-ko-Korea sila so medyo matagal na din niyang hindi nakita family niya kasi nasa Australia. She’s going to do that while I’m studying so pagbalik ko magkikita kami,” he said.

The talented actor also has an upcoming Maalala Mo Kaya episode and an Indonesian trip with Jessy Mendiola for the DZMM Caravan both happening on September 20. But Jake says when it comes to showing skin, this year’s Bench show will be his last modeling underwear. This led to the press to speculate if the Fil-Spanish mestizo will finally go full-frontal in The Naked Truth.  “All the way? Ah, I’m going to put on a show, I’m going to make this one last because it’s my last. Pero siyempre I’m going to leave the theatrics to the new ones this year. Kasi I’ve done this so many times na. Parang it won’t be different from what I’ve already done before eh, which I don’t think I will do (laughs). But expect a show. Kumbaga kung ito na yung huli kong fashion show, I’m going to leave with a bang. So that’s one thing that they can look forward to,” he said.