Paolo Bediones finally speaks up on release of sex videos

Amid the incident, Paolo thanks his bashers for he says they made him appreciate the people who are still supporting him


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9/13/2014 5:07 AM
Paolo Bediones finally speaks up on release of sex videos

091314-paolo_main.jpgSpeaking for the first time since his sex video went viral back in July , TV host Paolo Bediones admitted that talking about the subject still hurts him until this day.

In an interview released at writer Ricky Lo's column recently, Paolo explained, “As much as possible I don’t want to comment on it. It’s still very fresh and it still stings a lot. That much I can say right now."

The TV host admitted that being in such kind of controversy made him feel helpless and even borderline hopeless. "What else can anyone expect in a situation like that? I guess it felt like the whole world crumbled on you. But even if at a certain point parang tumigil ang mundo mo, the reality is that the world will keep on turning."

But since he was confronted with very limited options, Paolo opted to rise above the occasion and just accept that what is done is done.

“The question is, ‘Do you want to stop and let the whole world get ahead of you? Or do you want to stay on the bus and try to survive the bumpy ride?’ I have chosen to do the latter — try to survive the bumpy ride. What can you do? Life must go on," said he.

If anything, being a TV personality and suddenly hogging headlines due to such private videos, says Paolo has lent him some perspective. Among the things he realized is that "I don’t want it to happen to anyone else."

He added, "For one, sana mahuli whoever is behind it and made to answer the crime so that people will know that what was done is really a crime. As I said, I don’t wish it to happen to anyone. People must be imagining what I’ve been through but they’ll never know how painful the experience is.”

Yet amid all this ordeal, a lot of Paolo's friends, fans, colleagues and even his home network expressed support for him. While he admits to garnering more bashers since the release of the video, he emphasized that these critics only made him appreciate those who love him dearly.

“I thank even the bashers because at the end of the day the more they bash me, the more I feel the love of other people who are sympathetic to me. I realized that I have taken for granted how much some people love and care for me and now I really appreciate it,” said Paolo.

“I guess you could say that I’m trying to be okay. I’m keeping myself busy," started Paolo.

Apparently, there's still a silver-lining in his life as of the moment among them his upcoming venturing into the restaurant industry.

"I’m attending to the three restaurants that are set to open soon. One is a resto-pub called Puñta, the Pampanga delicatessen called Balé and the beer place called Hoolala. I am also training with the Philippines Air Force to be an officer of the Reserve Corps, which is part of Rescue5 (a TV5 public-service show)," he ended.

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