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  • The actor's Dubai-based estranged wife Mary Christine Jolly is currently in the country to submit a response to his counter-affidavit.

Derek Ramsay's wife justifies pricey lump sum demand

The actor's Dubai-based estranged wife Mary Christine Jolly is currently in the country to submit a response to his counter-affidavit.

Maureen Marie Belmonte

Twitter: @MissHappyWriter


08/31/2014 10:42 PM
Derek Ramsay's wife justifies pricey lump sum demand
090114-derek_main.jpgIn an interesting twist to Derek Ramsay's current legal battle, his estranged wife Mary Christine Jolly returned to the Philippines recently to grant interviews to the press and to respond to the counter affidavit that he submitted.

Mary, for the first time since the news broke out finally faced the camera in an interview with GMA recently.

According to the Filpino-Indian model, the hunk actor deliberately neglected his responsibilities with their son. 

"The only reason why he even wanted to see the kid or have anything to do with the kid is because I threatened to sue him for this criminal case," said she.

Recall that although news of him being married had long been reported, Derek only recently confirmed the rumors and claimed that he was only protecting his 11-year-old son hence the decision to stay mum about it. 

The curiosity on their legal battle further spiked after Mary Christine demanded for a lump sum of P48million from Derek for the expenses of their son. This certain detail of their ordeal got Mary Christine a bunch of accusations of extortion from the actor.

While she admits that the amount appears to be exorbitant, Mary Christine insisted that the amount they provided was only congruent to the kind of lifestyle that their son will be having abroad, in Dubai to be exact where they are based now plus Derek’s “capabilities.” 

Moreover, she denied the accusation of Derek’s camp that she failed to provide legitimate receipts and vouchers to substantiate the amount that she’s asking for.

At the end of the day, Mary Christine underscored that she is not doing what she is doing just to get money from the former Kapamilya star. She reiterated that everything that she’s doing right now is for their son, who happened to have a “negligent father.”

Since the news broke out, Derek has been tight-lipped in sharing about how their romance started. But Mary Christine was more than forthcoming as she shared in the interview that they met in 2001 while she was still studying in Makati. 

Later that same year, she said Derek proposed to her and they tied the knot via a civil wedding ceremony in Bulacan. Months later she got pregnant with their son and eventually gave birth to him. That’s the time, she says, when things fell apart between them which prompted them to part ways with her taking their son to Dubai where she has been living at for a while now.

Derek’s estranged wife maintained that she made sure to remind the actor of his obligation with her even sending him photos of their son. Unfortunately though, it was only last 2011 when Derek reached out and underwent a DNA-test to confirm the legitimacy of his son.

According to the report, she flew in to submit a response to the counter-affidavit sent by the actor recently. 

When contacted for response, Derek’s counsel, Atty. Joji Alonso, refused to give any comments and reiterated that they will answer her claims in their rejoinder affidavit.