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Ruffa Gutierrez on being the next Kim Kardashian: ‘Marami pa kaming bigas na kakainin’

Ruffa Gutierrez talks about what it's like to be part of the Philippines' first reality show family.

Ruffa Gutierrez on being the next Kim Kardashian: ‘Marami pa kaming bigas na kakainin’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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08/30/2014 10:16 PM
Ruffa Gutierrez on being the next Kim Kardashian: ‘Marami pa kaming bigas na kakainin’
083014-ruffa_main.jpgNow that her reality show It Takes Gutz To Be a Gutierrez is being shown on a local channel, Ruffa Gutierrez admitted she was happy with how good the ratings were internationally. “The show is doing well. I'm so happy na talagang tumututok yung mga tao and natutuwa sila and they want more of it so hopefully we can give them more. Very soon there's also a second season. Natutuwa ako sa success ng show and makikita niyo yung family namin, mas nakikilala kami ng mga tao and of course there's a lot of positive comments, may mga bashers din, pero at the end of the day we welcome everyone,” she said.

When the show first aired on cable, Ruffa said she was overwhelmed by the response they received from foreign fans. “Kasi our show was being shown all over Asia. So my friends and even people I don't know from different countries send me messages on Twitter and makikita mo talaga na yung demographics hindi lang sa Philippines na mataas pati sa Malaysia malakas din kami. Siguro nakakatulong din yung mga soap opera ni Chard na pinapalabas sa Malaysia so kumbaga kilala na siya sa Malaysian market. Siyempre natutuwa naman ako kasi the overseas contract workers, lahat sila all out support. Yan ang masarap kapag Pilipino eh, when they know na we're there or may show kami, laging nandiyan sila para sumuporta,” she said.

With her brother Richard and partner Sarah Lahbati in the local headlines because of their baby Zion, Ruff said there is still no threat of overexposure to their family. She said they partnered with a cable channel so they could be true to themselves as much as possible. “For us we really wanted the show to be in an international network kasi this is us, this is our lives so if it was going to be shown in a local network first siyempre nandiyan yung iisipin mo yung ibang tao or kailangan mag-Tagalog kami or baka hindi nila ma-gets or baka masyadong mataas yung tingin nila sa amin na when we talk about luxury bags or travels. So we really decided to show it internationally para iba yung market namin and it worked kasi we're able to be more natural, we're able to be ourselves. Parang ang panget naman, ang weird naman kung i-chi-change ko the way I talk or i-chi-change ko the way I dress just to fit a certain audience. So I think with this it really worked that we were just being our natural selves and they can see that. Kasi once you start acting in front of the cameras makikita nila yun eh at hindi sila mag-e-enjoy kasi alam nilang scripted,” she explained.

083014-ruffa_main.jpgNow being compared to the popular reality show family the Kardashians in the US, Ruffa said she is not surprised nor affected by the issue. “It's a comparison that's inevitable kasi siyempre our reality show has the same format and the Kardashians have made their mark, everybody knows them, everybody watches them. So whether you hate them or you love them, they're still there (laughs). So with us marami pa kaming bigas na kakainin para maging kasing successful ng Kardashians on a global basis. We're starting first with Asia but at the end of the day our family is different, we have different problems and we're different from the Kardashians so we're unique in our own special way. Siyempre nandiyan yung Asian and Filipino values rin natin,” she said.

When it comes to shooting their daily lives, the 40-year-old actress said they did not put any restrictions on what is being shown. “Siyempre pag nasa banyo naliligo or meron kang ka-date or I'm sure Richard wouldn't want to be filmed sleeping with Sarah, you know. But you know we signed up for this and it's a reality show. Wala namang restrictions. We already know that this is what we signed up for,” she admitted.

Ruffa said she did not expect her love life to actually be the main topic of an episode. “Naku nagulat nga ako, ako pala yung topic nung isang episode. Kailangan kasi one member of the family approves the episode so I don't have to approve any of the episodes. Kumbaga I'm like you, whatever you see on Saturday night is also my first time watching the show. I don't get to approve what's shown to the point that I told my mom, 'Ma, why did you edit that? I look fat!' She said, 'Naku 'Day hayaan mo na, reality yun.' Sabi ko, 'Ano ba yan bakit yung mga shots ganun.' So tingnan natin, once my mom and dad approve naman of the episode, okay na sa amin yun,” she added.

Although she is reportedly dating someone right now, Ruffa chose to keep mum about the budding relationship. “Sabi ko no personal questions (laughs). Wala namang masama for someone to be inspired and as long as your personal life doesn't get in the way of your career and goals in life, I think there's nothing wrong with being inspired,” she said.