Jessy Mendiola: I'm still single

Jessy Mendiola sets the record straight about the real score between her and Colombian Sebastian Lopez.


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8/30/2014 12:00 PM
Jessy Mendiola: I'm still single

083014-jessy_main.jpgAmid rumors circulating that she is already dating Colombian Sebastian Gasca, Jessy Mendiola set the record straight and relayed that she is still single. In an interview with, the actress shared that though they still find time to talk to each other now that Sebastian has left the Philippines, Jessy stressed that she doesn't want to rush things between the two of them.

"He's a friend, he's a very good friend of mine. He visited me here, I was surprised when he visited me here but he went back to Colombia and he is studying again. He is kind of busy but we find time to talk to each other," she said.

She continued, "I'm still single right now and if I want to be in a relationship, I will, but right now I want to take it easy. If I will get into a relationship I want it to be head over heels like a whirlwind kind of relationship."

After her stint in Maria Mercedes, Jessy remarked that she has grown as an actress. She will be headlining a movie with John Lloyd Cruz this October and she remarked that she has learned a lot from doing that film.

"We're almost done [with the movie] and they are showing it on October so I hope everyone sees it. I'm really blessed to be working with direck Chito (Roño) and John Lloyd (Cruz), Gretchen (Barretto) and Richard (Gomez) and Vivian Velez and some of the best actors and with this project, I'm confident enough to say na I've grown as an actress. Yes there is still room for improvement but i think I've grown," she stated.

She also headlined Maalala Mo Kaya where she played as a nun. "It's very different from Maria Mercedes, I will be playing as a nun. It's been a while since I did my last MMK. I think it's like 2 years ago and now I'm doing heavy drama and then it's not about the red lipstick and the red dress, now it's about the vow, about the promise, about the calling and about the greater love of God."