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Piolo Pascual on doing a reality show: ‘Hindi naman ako misteryoso eh’

Piolo Pascual shares the advice he gave to son Inigo on finding the right girl.

Piolo Pascual on doing a reality show: ‘Hindi naman ako misteryoso eh’-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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08/30/2014 02:30 AM
Piolo Pascual on doing a reality show: ‘Hindi naman ako misteryoso eh’
083014-piolo_main.jpgAs one of the most popular celebrities in the country, it’s no surprise Piolo Pascual was chosen as the first male Pinoy celebrity to be featured in an E! News Asia Special. The popular cable channel sent over a Singaporean camera crew trailed the Kapamilya heartthrob for five whole days in order to complete the exclusive tell-all interview. “I guess it felt like being in a reality show. And then after some time hindi mo na iisipin na yung camera katabi mo o nasa likod mo. You become more spontaneous. I guess i was more unguarded going along. Anywhere we went, tinatanong ako, ini-interview ako so most of the time we were just talking, it’s more of like a conversation. I was talking a lot,” he admitted.

Even though he usually is very low key when it comes to details of his personal life, Piolo said he did not hesitate to be featured in the show where Anne Curtis was the last Pinoy celeb to be featured. “It’s not really that big of a deal kasi for me, hindi ko na iniisip eh. Sayang ang opportunity. When they asked me, I just said yes right away. I think the more important factor was how and where they could follow me. But with regards to questions and whatever they were going to do or however they were going to trail me, I know Star Magic is always going to have my back so I didn’t have anything to worry about. I think I opened up a bit more. I just got so comfortable with the guys from Singapore who interviewed me and they trailed me for a couple of days. It was very fun. Sometimes I would forget that there’s a camera following us,” he shared.

Piolo said he prefers this kind of exposure rather than joining a reality show that has become the popular trend in showbiz. “Para na akong nasa reality show, gagawa pa ako reality show? (laughs) I don’t have nothing against it but I want naman my private time. I want naman my me time. I think what I’ve been able to do is separate my work from my personal life because when you show everything about you it becomes a reality show. Hindi naman ako misteryoso eh. I don’t know where that’s coming from, hindi lang akong ma-kuwentong tao. I’m not a good host, I don’t host parties. Hindi ako extrovert or yung I would be the bida in a conversation. I like to listen and just be observing so I guess that’s where the being elusive is coming from. Pero when I’m asked I answer,” he said.

Apart from interviewing his family, Piolo said the show also interviewed his close friends in showbiz like Toni Gonzaga, Iza Calzado, and Maja Salvador. “Okay naman yung interview, they were nice and hindi naman sila ma-intriga. They were able to dig deeper into my life I guess. Like any reality show they followed me to my condo, to the gym, to my training place, to my concert. It was more of like a behind the scene kind of thing. So it’s less glamorous I guess because of all the interviews which were more candid as we were going along. I toured them around Manila. It was just really spontaneous. Whatever they asked me I just answered. I guess at this point in my life what’s there to keep? Parang I’ve been in the business half my life so it is what it is,” he said.

Watch Piolo Pascual as he opens up about his public and private life on his E! News Asia Special which premieres September 28 at 9 pm on E! cable channel.