7 reasons why Daniel Matsunaga deserves to be the Big Winner

7 reasons why Daniel Matsunaga deserves to be the Big Winner-Cristina Malonzo-Balane
Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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08/26/2014 02:28 PM
7 reasons why Daniel Matsunaga deserves to be the Big Winner
1. Daniel’s strong Faith in God
It’s not so much of him being religious, but his strong faith in God. Daniel believes in God’s plans for him in everything. Even with finding the love of his life, Daniel said he doesn’t look for her but trusts that she will come in God’s time.

2. Daniel is the embodiment of what a real man should be 
A real man tries to be stronger for others. 

Daniel literally caught Vickie when she fainted and he never left her side while she was unconscious. It was endearing how he panicked when she fainted. It was even cute and touching when he implored her to allow him to do her chores so she could rest.

Daniel was also there when the housemates such as Maris and Loisa were emotionally weak and crying inside the house. He was generous with his hugs and even massages his housemates when they were sore and tired.

He was also the physical fitness trainer and motivator of the housemates, especially his guy housemates.

3. Daniel is humble, mabait, and masipag
Daniel doesn’t come off “mayabang.” Even the Queen of All Media Kris Aquiono said that Daniel is “gwapo, mabait, and humble.” Kris calls Daniel “Dandan” and said that she can attest to “DanDan’s” being mabait because she has worked with him several times.

When some of the five finalists—namely Jane Oineza, Loisa Andalio, and Maris—were asked who they wanted to win if they didn’t get the title Big Winner, they all said Daniel because he is “sobrang mabait and masipag.”

Daniel has also been working since he was 15 years old and in Kuya’s house he was not afraid to get his hands dirty. Aside from cooking, he would get down on his knees to sweep the carpet and he would also clean the bathroom.

4. Daniel is selfless
Daniel told the housemates that he doesn’t like sharing his sob stories, because he doesn’t want to make them sad or cloud their mood by passing on a negative vibe. He only shares light stuff about his life, most times, so he’d bring smiles to his housemates’ faces.

This is also the reason he gave when 4th Big Placer Vickie asked him during the Big Night him why he wouldn’t share difficult phases of his life with them.

5. Daniel loves his family 
Daniel doesn’t like crying and the only times that he could not hold back his tears was when his mom, sister, and his dog Duke visited him in the house and when he talked to Maris about his family. Daniel also admitted that one of the reasons he cried during the Big Night was because he “misses his family so much.”

6. Daniel has ‘pusong Pinoy’
Daniel has been to many countries, mainly for work, but he likes the Philippines best for its culture and the Filipino people. Daniel said the Philippines has an amazing culture and the nicest people. He says,” It reminds me of home, Brazil.”

He also dreams of bringing his family to live in the Philippines. In an interview with Kris Aquino, he said he’d want them to become Filipino citizens so they could live here for good.

7. Daniel is ‘totoo’
Daniel doesn’t deny that another reason why he has come to love our country is because it has welcomed him with open arms in terms of giving him a lot of career opportunities. 

Daniel admitted that he also auditioned for Big Brother in Brazil but was denied a slot in the competition. He also worked in other countries but he said no country has given him the opportunities he’s gotten here. 

He said that God told him that he has a purpose in the Philippines and winning the Big Winner title, aside from the opportunities that have come his way here, is the fulfillment of that purpose.