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Daniel will not court Vickie even if she’s single, cries when he sees his mom

Daniel gets a surprise visit from his family, reveals why he will not court Vickie.

Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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08/22/2014 12:59 AM
Daniel will not court Vickie even if she’s single, cries when he sees his mom
082314-daniel-main.jpgDaniel Matsunaga was surprised when Kuya brought Duke, his Alaskan Malamute dog, to see him. An overjoyed Daniel introduced Duke to his housemates.

Daniel was more surprised though when he saw his sister Vanessa in the confession room. Daniel hugged Vanessa tightly. Vanessa told Kuya that Daniel is a kind brother. “He’s the one who takes care of me kahit ako ang Ate niya.” 

But waiting for him in the living room was yet another special visitor for Daniel—his mom Geralda Maria. Daniel couldn’t believe it when he saw his mom. Daniel hugged his mom for a long time and he lifted her off the floor. His mom was sobbing and Daniel was also moved to tears. Even the housemates told Kuya that it was the only time they saw Daniel cry.

Daniel and his mom were very sweet to each other. He tapped his shoulders and his mom knew that Daniel was asking for a massage. She kneaded Daniel’s shoulders and temples. His mom told the housemates in her native Portuguese, “I have to give him love while I can.”

To Kuya, Geralda told him that in everything Daniel does, he puts his family first. She also told Kuya that Daniel is strong even as a child because he did not cry when he had his first vaccine.

Kuya also gave the Matsunaga family a pictorial, and Duke got to be in the picture, too. Daniel told Kuya that this is his “Best Day Ever” in his house and he was so happy that he could spend another year in Kuya’s house.

In his interview with the Queen of All Media Kris Aquino on Aquino and Abunda Tonight, Daniel made it clear that he would not court Vickie, even if she is single, because they are friends. Besides, Daniel said, he isn’t looking for a girlfriend because she will come in God’s time. 

Daniel also shared that it is his dream for his family to become Filipino citizens so they could all live here. When asked why he wanted that when a lot of Filipinos dream of going abroad, Daniel told Kris that he has been to many countries and he likes the Philippines best. “I like the culture and the people here are very nice.” Daniel likened the Philippines to Brazil. “It reminds me of home.” Aside from that, Daniel was also given a lot of career opportunities here.

Daniel said that his being “masipag” is not a pretense because he also helps out his mom. Daniel explained that they do not have household help in their house in Brazil. An endearing Daniel also told Kris how embarrassed he was when he cried upon seeing his mom. “Umiyak ako, nakakahiya.

Kris asked him if he prays inside Kuya’s house, Daniel said yes and that PBB allowed him to bring his bible. He said it would help if his future girlfriend is of the same faith but Daniel qualified that “I am not choosy and I’ll put it in God’s hands.”

When asked whether he should be the Big Winner, Daniel said, “It’s not for me to say pero ginawa ko lahat para sa grupo.”

He said that if he were to choose a Big Winner other than him, he’d choose Vickie because, “She tries to do everything she can do.” He also said that Vickie cooks, helps around the house, and is always the last one to leave when they have tasks.

Kris told him Daniel that a lot of girls are now looking up to him as their ideal man.