Does James Reid plan to court Nadine Lustre?

James Reid admits Nadine Lustre is easy to like.

Does James Reid plan to court Nadine Lustre?-Kristhoff  Cagape
Kristhoff Cagape


08/20/2014 08:40 AM
Does James Reid plan to court Nadine Lustre?
082014-james_main.jpgJames Reid attributed his good onscreen chemistry with Talk Back and You’re Dead co-star Nadine Lustre to their good rapport. “The good chemistry onscreen, I think with me and Nadine, we're just really comfortable with each other and we've just really been ourselves I guess and because we put in our own flavor I guess.”

He added that being together in various projects after their first hit movie Diary ng Panget has brought them really close which translated to the big screen. “I guess because right after Diary ng Panget, we’ve been so busy and we're always together so I guess you know the chemistry never dies, we're always with each other so it's always been there.”

James said that the massive support they have been receiving from their fans have brought them the success that they have now. “We have to thank DNP (Diary Ng Panget) for [our success]. The book already had so many followers so all those followers translated into fans, I mean we're really grateful even for me I had lot of fans even from PBB who are still following me until now and who are supporting JaDine (James-Nadine love team).”

Now that he’s single, will he be courting Nadine Lustre? “I get this question a lot, you know, a lot of people they would love to see us together, I mean because they see us in our movies and our chemistry and everything put together but for me right now I've just got out of a relationship recently so I’m not really looking for anything romantic you know, but I have a lot of fun with Nadine and that's all that matters.”

Nonetheless, James remarked that Nadine is easy to like. He added that what he finds very special about Nadine is how the latter is so easy to get along with. “She's not hard to like really, she’s easy to get along with. The fact that she's boyish makes her easy to get along with. Other than that she’s easy to talk to and she's a good listener