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Agot Isidro stars in her first straight drama play

‘2Rabbit Hole’ star Agot Isidro admits that she loves the challenges of performing live in front of an audience.

Agot Isidro stars in her first straight drama play-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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08/03/2014 02:46 AM
Agot Isidro stars in her first straight drama play

080314-agot_main.jpgMore than a decade since she first made her debut on stage, Agot Isidro admitted she missed doing live theater. Having been busy with projects on TV, the singer-turned-actress said doing a play required perfect timing when her schedule was not packed. Now, as part of the cast of Red Turnip theater’s latest offering Rabbit Hole, the talented actress goes back to her theatrical roots.

“Seven years I've been away from theater so always naiisip ko yung I'll go back but then talagang yung schedule hindi puwede. Ayoko rin kasi gumawa ng teleserye or movie then do a play kasi hindi ko mabibigyan ng time eh and that's how I work eh, hindi ko kaya yung mapupuyat tapos mag-pe-play, ganun. Parang hindi 100% yung binibigay ko. So now I'm a little slow with my TV work so I accepted this,” she said.

In the Pulitzer prize-winning play Rabbit Hole, Agot plays the role of Becca, a woman who has to cope with the accidental death of her four-year-old son Danny. The heartbreaking story gives an inside look at how a family copes after losing a child. “Actually the whole family is grief-stricken, kumbaga namatayan kami ng anak but the play happens eight months after so we're in the middle of really dealing with it and moving on, nasa in-between yun. The play happens in that transition so that's why it's very interesting because the others naka-move on na tapos ako medyo hindi pa,” she shared.

The 48-year-old actress said their two month long rehearsals were very tedious. “There was a lot of tweaking. Since there was a lot of drama, it was heavy on the emotions and I brought that home with me every day,” she added.

Agot admitted that she enjoys the challenge of being a theater artist. “I would like to sing so I'd pick theater if it pays well (laughs). If it paid well then I'd be in theater but we all have bills to pay. Even though I stopped doing theater for a while I’m not very, very new but mag-a-adjust ulit ako. Iba ang theater as opposed to film and TV, iba siya eh. Alam ko mag-a-adjust ako sa space, sa blocking, ganyan. Kasi one take lang yun eh, walang second take yun. It takes a lot determination and focus. I know I really have to work on a lot of things with this project,” she explained.

Even with a lucrative career in showbiz, Agot said her passion for performing on stage will never wane. “I like the process. Gustong gusto ko talaga yung proseso ng theater eh because you really in that moment, hinihimay yung script tapos lahat may intention. With every word that the playwright writes, mahabang proseso but then I like it. I like how exact it is,” she explained.

Watch Agot Isidro in Rabbit Hole all the weekends of August at Whitspace, Makati city. For more details check out the Red Turnip Theater page on Facebook. Tickets are available through TicketWorld at 891-9999 and ticketworld.com.ph.