Nadine Lustre is okay with being called Kathryn Bernardo’s ‘copycat’

Nadine Lustre is ready to work with Kathryn Bernardo.

Nadine Lustre is okay with being called Kathryn Bernardo’s ‘copycat’-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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08/13/2014 11:18 AM
Nadine Lustre is okay with being called Kathryn Bernardo’s ‘copycat’
081314-nadine_main.jpgNadine Lustre said she just shrugs off being tagged as a Kathryn Bernardo “copycat.” “Opo. Sinasabi nila copycat. Pero I don’t get affected naman,” Nadine said in an interview during the grand press conference of her upcoming movie Talk Back and You’re Dead (TBYD) opposite James Reid and Joseph Marco.

Her striking similarity with the Teen Queen has been the subject of debate among their fans with many even claiming that she’s deliberately copying Kathryn’s voice and style. “Well, I can’t do anything about it. I guess, yung tipo ni Kath at yung sa akin, pansinin eh. Pero a lot of people naman are telling me I don’t [look exactly like her]. Siguro in some angles, I don’t. I really don’t bother naman,” she said.

For Nadine, being compared to Kathryn actually has its advantages. “It’s okay. Actually, it's not really bad. Kasi people notice me kahit bashers 'yan, kahit ayaw nila sa akin at least, they notice me.”

But even if she remains positive about her bashers, Nadine clarified that she makes a conscious effort to make sure her image is not close to Kathryn’s. “Yes po. There is with the hair, with the styling. Pero I think sa features kasi, parang halos pareho,” she said.

Though the young stars have yet to meet, Nadine said she is very aware of the success of Kathryn especially of her love team with Daniel Padilla tagged as Kathniel.

“Yeah, nakakakilig naman talaga sila. Even my friends kinikilig naman talaga sa kanila, like yung mga 20 years old, 21, 22? I’m supposed to watch She’s Dating a Gangster (SDTG) but I don’t have time," Nadine related.

Apart from her features, her tandem with James Reid called Jadine is also being compared to Kathniel, something which Nadine believes to be “flattering.” "Ang level ng KathNiel ay mataas na. For us to be compared to KathNiel is very flattering... kasi we are only beginning," she said.

Speaking of watch She’s Dating a Gangster, Nadine remarked that she’s actually ready for the upcoming comparisons of her film to SDTG. “I’m sure maku-compare pero I think I’m not pressured naman by it,” she commented. 

The press couldn’t help but notice that Nadine and James had a bunch of kissing scenes in the film as shown on the movie’s trailer. Nadine clarified that they were done not to deviate from SDTG but because, “Actually, the book po kasi, the story is really like that. And I think since I’m 20 [years old] at hindi na ako bata. Hindi na ako pa-teenybopper, yun po. Okay lang naman [sa kissing scenes].”

That she can already portray kissing and “mature” scenes was what Nadine said is one of her many differences from Kathryn.

Will she be open to work with Kathryn in the future? "Yeah, of course... If Viva (her management) would [allow it]," she ended.

Produced by Skylight and Viva Films, Talk Back And You're Dead will hit theaters this coming August 20.