Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera to wed this year

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera reveal that have actually been engaged since August 2012.


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8/12/2014 7:56 AM
Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera to wed this year

Dingdong revealed this in an interview after his proposal at Marian’s dance show which aired on Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho on Sunday. The first time that Dingdong proposed was at a butterfly dome in Macau last August 2012.

During his live proposal, the primetime star hinted at “making it right” which many just brushed off. In addition, a video presentation of that moment at the butterfly dome was also shown during the show which actually brought Marian to tears.

He explained, “Kasi alam mo, ‘yung unang beses, wala akong nasabi. Wala akong nagawa. Zero, kaya masaya ako that I was given another chance to do it right.”

According to the couple the decision to do it again was mainly because of their fans. “Sinabi namin sa tao dahil we owe also part of our love story to the people,” Dingdong said.

Marian for her part explained that they never really intended for the engagement to be a secret saying that, “Tulad ng sabi ni Dong, siguro naghintay kami ng tamang panahon, tamang tiyempo na sabihin ito nang tama. Ito nga, nangyari ito.”

She continued, “Very happy ako na finally nasabi na namin sa tao na engaged na kami.”

But which proposal made her happy the most? “Both. Parehas. Actually, kahit noong unang proposal kasi, hindi rin ako masyadong naka-react kasi ngalngal ako nang ngalngal. Ang saya. Hindi ko na maipaliwanag. Parang nasa ulap lang talaga,” the actress gushed.

Now that they are set to be married, the next question would the big day be? “Standby na lang, pero we will make an announcement for that. But definitely, mangyayari ‘yon sa taon na ‘to,” Dingdong said.

Meanwhile, Marian took to her Instagram account to share a photo of her and her fiance during their first engagement in Macau.

Apart from that, she also gushed about her giant and luxurious Harry Winston engagement ring saying that, “Hanggang ngayon e nasa alapaap pa rin ako, lalo sa na sinabi mong ako ang sagot sa yong mga dasal at gusto mong ipag sigawan sa mundo kung gaano mo ako kamahal... haaay mahal ko... Mahal na mahal din kita!”

Photo from Marian Rivera's Instagram