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Matteo Guidicelli is ‘clueless’ about girlfriend Sarah Geronimo’s admission of relationship

Matteo reveals that he and Sarah officially became a couple last year

Matteo Guidicelli is ‘clueless’ about girlfriend Sarah Geronimo’s admission of relationship-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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08/11/2014 03:02 AM
Matteo Guidicelli is ‘clueless’ about girlfriend Sarah Geronimo’s admission of relationship

081114-matteo_main.jpgSpeaking at length for the first time since his girlfriend Sarah Geronimo went public with their relationship last June, actor Matteo Guidicelli claims that he had no inkling that she would reveal their relationship.

During his live appearance on The Buzz on Sunday, Matteo thinks that the reason why Sarah decided to share about the real score between them was because “I guess she felt that it was time.”

He added, “But I was very proud of her not in the way because she said I was her boyfriend, I don’t really care about that. I’m more proud of her because she stood up as a woman and said what she wants in life.”

Matteo in the interview likewise revealed that they have been in a relationship since last year but they just opted to keep everything under wraps as a way of “respecting” Sarah’s family. But quickly clarified that, “It’s not that they didn’t want, it’s just something that we talked about and something that we wanted to keep private. I wanted to give full respect that’s why I kept quiet the whole way.”

Recall that rumors of their blossoming relationship started mid last year when the former Galema star was said to be the only celebrity invited to the Pop Star Princess’ private birthday party.

Despite refusing to reveal when exactly they became a couple, the Fil-Italian star once and for all shared that he felt that he wanted to woo Sarah during her US tour May of last year where he happened to be a guest.

“Kasi andun kami for two weeks andun kami May last year.  Wala, wala magkakilala kami doon and we sang together onstage and everything. Everything connected again. I’ve always liked her since five years ago pa diba? So I guess everything matched up, I thank God everything connected,” he recalled.

Although he can’t speak for her, Matteo singled out his utter honesty towards Sarah as the reason that won her heart. 

“I’m just honest all the time with her eh. I’m honest with all my feelings, everything I think, everything I feel. Sometimes I’m too honest so it gets me in trouble but I believe honesty is the best thing in the world,” the 24-year-old athlete-actor said.

After a while The Voice Kids Philippines coach, he says, made things official with them face-to-face, which he said made him the “happiest man in the world.”

According to him though, she was initially hesitant to give their romance a try since “she doesn’t want a showbiz guy and all the stuff.” 

“But I guess she just followed her heart. I would always tell her. You know you’re not doing anything wrong. You know we’re loving each other purely and truly,” he added.

Sarah, being the good daughter that she is, Matteo revealed, immediately shared about them being a couple to her parents.

“Sarah’s a very honest person eh so whatever happens she really shares it to the parents. She’s a wonderful child.  So ‘yun she told her parents. She’s very open and she doesn’t want to hide anything,” he reasoned.

Rumored spat

Of late, rumors have been circulating that the couple got into a spat due to Sarah’s absence in the recent Iron Man triathlon event participated in by Matteo in Cebu.

Matteo for his part refuted the rumors and even claimed that he invited his girlfriend to join him in Cebu. He likewise refuted any tiff against Sarah’s parents. 

“She had work planned that whole week, she has The Voice Kids charity concert, she had ASAP, she was sick the whole week eh so she had to cancel all her commitments for everything,” Matteo shared.

Despite the unfortunate incident, Matteo remains positive that his “Mahal” would be able to join him next time. 

“I told her next year she has to block the dates off because she has to be there,” Matteo related with a smile.