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Piolo Pascual is proud of son Inigo joining a boy band in Hollywood

Piolo Pascual says he does not plan to be an overprotective parent to son Inigo.

Piolo Pascual is proud of son Inigo joining a boy band in Hollywood-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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08/02/2014 03:00 AM
Piolo Pascual is proud of son Inigo joining a boy band in Hollywood

080214-piolo_main.jpgAs the first male celebrity to be featured on E! News Asia, Piolo Pascual said he did not hesitate to be interviewed for the exclusive tell-all interview which premieres on September 28, 9 pm on E! “More than it being a pressure, it’s a privilege and an honor. When they asked me about it, I thought what else can I offer and share about my life? But realizing that this is going to be shown in Asia, I know that there are a lot of countries in the region that don’t know anything about me, I guess it’s also a privilege to be doing this,” he admitted during his E! channel presscon held last July 31 at The Loft, Rockwell.

As the star of the series Hawak Kamay, Piolo also sported a longer hairstyle at the event. “It’s just really for the series because I play a failed musician and we start the series na medyo patapon yung buhay ko and through these kids, ma-ri-realize ko na I can live better so I would want to change my looks. As I evolve and become a better guardian to these kids of course you want to look better, you want to be able to present yourself better so it’s all part of the story. Para may transition din, para hindi naman boring sa audience. If they see you doing a certain role and then sa next role mo ganun pa rin itsura mo so there’s not much of a difference so there’s also a conscious effort for me to tweak it a bit para lang may iba. It was a transition for me because I play a father role, but it’s inevitable because I have a 17-year-old son. Why not ‘di ba? Why not welcome it? But for me what matters is the role. As long as I am able to be challenged, as long as I give something new then mas okay sa akin yun,” he explained.

Now that his teenage son Inigo is getting to be more visible in showbiz, Piolo said he hopes they can bond more. “I guess I want to have more time for my son whose getting into the business. He wants me there in the States with him. I want him here. So it’s just a matter of time management, how we are able to meet in the middle where I can spend time with him and he can spend time with me and do some more work here. “He’s actually almost 18 by next year, so he’s going to be on his own and I hope to spend more time with him before he turns 18. I thought it was going to be hard but at least now I can level with him so we get to talk more and mas may sense yung pinag-uusapan namin. Medyo mas matigas kasi medyo may sungay na as they say, pero what’s good about the kid is mabait na bata. So if there’s anything that I’m really thankful for is that he grew up to be a really good kid,” he said.

Piolo was happy to share the good news that Inigo recently got signed to join a boy band in the States. “He got in. Hindi ko pa alam pangalan nila. It’s in the States, Hollywood. We got a copy of the contract so we’re just going to study it. He’s been in the States since two weeks ago and that was the last audition and a couple of days after that we were sent the confirmation that he go in. So ayun. They said na wala na silang bahay so they’re going to be moving around because they’re going to be on the road touring. I don’t know how many they are, four or five,” he said.

Even though he initially expressed reluctance at Inigo entering showbiz, the 37-year-old actor said he cannot stop his son from pursuing his dreams. “Wala akong magawa eh. We got an endorsement. He’s coming out in a film. He’s got a boy band. I just hope he finishes high school. He’s paired with Sofia Andres. They did a film last year and it’s coming out in September. We just previewed the trailer so we might fly him in for a couple of weeks for that,” he added.

The Hawak Kamay star said he does not plan to be an overprotective parent. “May fans na nga siya sa Instagram eh, nakakatuwa ‘di ba? Sabi ko sa kanya just do it, whatever you want to do.  Because that’s how you learn. I can’t naman shelter him. If you try to protect him then how will he learn? Because that’s how I learned, through my own mistakes. I’m not saying I want him to make the same mistakes but at least, when you fall, then there’s a reason for you to get up and be a better person and become wiser,” he said.