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Coleen Garcia’s family approves of Billy Crawford

Coleen on Billy: ‘In a way he’s brought me closer to my family’

Coleen Garcia’s family approves of Billy Crawford-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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08/02/2014 03:03 AM
Coleen Garcia’s family approves of Billy Crawford
080214-coleen02_main.jpgEven if it’s only been a week since she and new boyfriend Billy Crawford went public with their relationship, Coleen Garcia said she feels like they have been “together” far longer than that.

“It feels longer than that because we’ve been dating, we’ve been getting to know each other. So that whole label thing, it’s really for other people than it is for us,” explained Coleen at the recently-concluded YES! Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful stars event.

Billy admitted that he was courting his It’s Showtime co-host early this year after photos of them cozying up to each other made rounds online. Confirming what their fans may have noticed on their respective Instagram accounts, Coleen shared that her family has met Billy. “Yes and our parents met each other na rin,” she said.

Coleen said that her family actually approves of him because he was able to prove himself as a perfect fit for her. “I don’t know how he did it. Palagi niyang kasama ‘yung family ko. Siya pa ‘yung nagyaya na ‘Let’s go to your Dad’ ‘yung mga ganon,” related the 21-year-old actress.

She continued, “In a way he’s brought me closer to my family rin kasi I’ve been living alone for years na. So I don’t get to see my family that often, ‘pag may mga events lang, mga birthdays. Eh 12 naman sila sa family so palaging may birthday ang mga Titos and Titas ko.”

Did Billy have a hard time proving himself to them? “No, not at all. They told me this eh, they appreciated that not once did he try to suck up to them, ‘yung sipsip or anything. Talagang from the day they met him up to this day, he was just himself,” Coleen remarked.

This was something that Coleen confirmed, saying that, “We were in the same event, once or twice. Once sa Style Origins. We actually didn’t see each other kasi I was in the standby area with all the other artists and then I don’t know where she stayed but me and Billy we were with sila JC de Vera, everyone in the standby area.”

There was however no chance to greet each other, she said, but if ever this happens Coleen said she would still be “polite and respectful.”
“I’ll still be polite and respectful because I was brought up naman to be polite and respectful to everybody no matter what and wala namang away or anything di ba? There’s absolutely no reason to be bad vibes with anybody,” reasoned Coleen who was part of this year’s 100 Most Beautiful Stars according to YES! Magazine.