Cheridel cries when she sees her son Kyle

Manolo, Vickie, Daniel and Loisa reach the 2689th round on their bike and surprise Cheridel with a visit from her son


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7/5/2014 12:42 PM
Cheridel cries when she sees her son Kyle

As Manolo, Vickie, Daniel and Loisa continue with their task to get Cheridel’s son to Kuya’s house, there were more contusions and more body aches for the group but they kept on for Cheridel and her son. Manolo said he understood how it is to miss one’s Mom because he is very close to his Mom and he knows what it means for a Mom to miss one’s son. 

Meanwhile, Cheri talked to Fourth and Maris about Joshua and Jane slacking off in their duties. But Fourth believed that the two were working. Maris also told Cheridel to just teach Jane how to take care of the children because Jane is not yet a Mom and doesn’t know the things Cheridel does. 

Fourth also told Cheridel, “nakikita ko sayo ngayon ang pagiging negatibo mo. Pakiramdam ko lahat mo na lang napapansin.” Fourth then opened to Cheridel about how offended he was about their talk about the chicken. Cheridel explained her side. Later, Fourth told Cheridel that he opened up to her so they could address the issue and learn something from it. Fourth told Cheridel that because of what happened he will be more careful in forming his conclusions and so should Cheridel be more sensitive with how she talks and how it comes across to people. 

After three days of non-stop rotations around the activity area, Manolo, Vickie, Daniel and Loisa finally reached the 2689th round and they whooped with glee. Daniel said he was very happy to have reached their goal and he was nearly crying when they did. The other housemates even came out to join them. Later, they were very excited to blindfold and lead Cheridel to where her son was. Vickie also told Kuya, “nababalewala na rin ang sakit ng katawan kasi napasaya (naming) si ate Cheri.”

Cheridel cried upon seeing Kyle and she was very thankful to her friends who sacrificed so she could see her son. Cheridel made the most of his son’s stay, always holding Kyle close to her and hugging him. When it was time to say goodbye to Kyle, Cheridel left him at the confession room and told him not to cry. Kyle nodded. But right after she closed the door, Cheridel sank to the floor and wept.