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Nichole Baranda defends Jane Oineza from bashers: ‘Akala ko ako yung bad girl’

The former PBB All in housemate admits she is rooting for the young actress to win.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


07/03/2014 02:03 PM
Nichole Baranda defends Jane Oineza from bashers: ‘Akala ko ako yung bad girl’
070314-nichole_main.jpgAfter being evicted from the Pinoy Big Brother house last June 29, Nichole Baranda admits she is still adjusting life in the outside world after being part of the show for almost two months. “I went home. I’ve been bonding with my mom. I’ve been adjusting. I’m overwhelmed with the fans and supporters. It’s fun,” she admits. 

Nichole says she is looking forward to studying again and is ready to join showbiz full-time. I’m going to study while doing workshops and guestings sa showbiz. I guess I want to do anything that they give me. After PBB I feel more confident. I feel like I know myself more. I feel more mature and I talk a lot more,” she shares during the LG G3 Philippines launch event held last July 1 at Enderun Tent in Taguig City.

The 15-year-old, who was dubbed as the “Sweet Revelation ng Makati” in the show, also admitted to being excited for the day when she will see housemate Manolo Pedrosa again because of their ongoing romance in the PBB house. “If he goes out then we’re going to get to know each other, we’re going to go out and bond with the other housemates. Yeah I’m excited to see him again. I guess what makes him different is that he wanted my mom’s approval and opinion. He wanted to take things slow. He didn’t like me agad agad, he wanted to get to know me more before he would make ligaw,” she explains

Another plus point for Nichole is the fact that her mom Phoemela has so far approved of Manolo, even though they have not talked about when she is allowed to have a boyfriend. “I think she wants to get to know the guys more before I can say that (laughs),” she says. (continued on next page)

Now that she is the 7th evictee from the house, Nichole shares who she hopes will make it in the top four. “I think it will be Jane, Maris, Manolo and Kuya Fifth because so far they’re the strong ones and they’re real inside the house. I say Manolo kasi siyempre I want him to win and to support him. Maris kasi she’s really talented and she has the possibility to win, the X factor. Kuya Fifth naman I could see he really wants to win when he cries, I know he wants this and it’s really his dream. With that drive and motivation he could,” she adds. 

Even though she admitted to backstabbing Jane inside the house, Nichole says she is still rooting for the young actress to win because Jane deserves it even more than herself. “Akala ko ako yung bad girl. Pero I don’t let it affect me because I know that I learned from it. Si Jane kasi she’s strong. As they say, kung wala si Jane parang wala yung PBB. She has a lot of fans.” Nichole says she understands where Jane is coming from and hopes people won’t judge her from the show.  “Maybe kasi she’s still nahihiya or she’s still in the process of learning her lesson so maybe she’s not sanay of admitting her wrong also. She still needs to learn and she’s a teen din, she’s enjoying her stay. People forget that she’s still 17, she’s still a teen like me and she still has time to mature,” she says.  

Nichole says she is even looking forward to seeing all the housemates again after the season is over. She says she considers them to be her close friends already. “We really are. We already have so many plans. We have so many plans of going out na. Tampuhan lang talaga yun and they really made it a big issue na sobrang exaggerated.”