James Yap wants to keep life of his other kid private

James says he does not deny he has a child older than son Bimby.


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7/3/2014 6:20 PM
James Yap wants to keep life of his other kid private

070314-jamesyap_main.jpgIn Tapatan ni Tunying, James Yap answered issues relating to his son Bimby, his other child and basketball. 

The cager described himself as a loving and supportive father, yet instills discipline in his son with Kris Aquino, Bimby. James also believes he is a good dad for he fought for his rights to see and be with his son. He is happy that Bimby has adjusted to seeing him every Friday. Although he would like his son to follow in his footsteps, he said that he will be supportive if Bimby wants to enter show business, sports or other fields when he grows up.

In relation to this, James admitted too that he has another child in a past relationship, before he even met Kris. He did not reveal the child’s gender but confessed the child is older than Bimby. He also thanked his ex-girlfriend for not meddling in the issues he faced in the past.

On his career as a basketball player, James shared that even though he has already won numerous MVP awards, he said that he still remains disciplined in his craft. He shared that he sees himself playing basketball for 6 more years and is considering coaching in high school basketball.

Meanwhile, in a separate interview on the show, his current girlfriend Michela Cazzola described James as very polite, soft-spoken and sweet. She also said that James exerts a lot of effort and dedicates plenty of time for her, which she really appreciates. She said that they are very compatible especially when it comes to food as they both love Italian and Filipino cuisines. Further, she enjoys shopping with him. 

Michela also said that she has already met and spent time with James' son Bimby.  "I met him a few times, he is nice. He is a cool guy. So smart, I really like him and he is so cute." She added that James loves Bimby deeply.