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Six things you didn't know about Atom Araullo

Atom Araullo is more than just the well-respected journalist we see onscreen.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


07/29/2014 11:41 AM
Six things you didn't know about Atom Araullo
1. He aspires to be a great cook
“I'm not keeping it a secret but maybe people don't know that one of my life goals is to become (popular US chef-host) Anthony Bourdain, not to get his job but to become him, to actually become him (laughs). I'm exaggerating but I love his job and he's a great writer. I don't cook. I just figure something out, something interesting.”

2. He loves being online
“Actually addict ako sa internet eh. Mga walang katuturang sites like 9Gag ganyan, YouTube. I spend hours on it, it's insane. It's bad. Kaya nga wala akong moral ascendency na pagsabihan ang mga kabataan na go offline more often kasi I'm always online. And I don't necessarily post stuff. I just like reading. I like reading stuff. I'm a lurker (laughs).”

3. He is musically inclined
“I play the flute. I learned when I was in grade three. I don't get to play much anymore but it's something that you don't forget but you have to practice to be good so I'm out of practice but I really like music. I like a wide range of different styles from contemporary to classical music it's very nice to listen to. In the car I listen to DZFE for all the classical music.”

4. He is a big pet lover
“I have a lot of pets at home. We have four cats, a dog, and a few birds. I'm more of a cat person, but I love dogs as well. It's just that cats dominate the household.” 

5. He has always been into sports
“I never thought that I would ever finish a triathlon. My first one was in Subic but I just told myself to just do the training and whatever. And then I ended up becoming really serious about that sport and many other things and interests. Pero now hindi na ako nag-co-compete. Now I try my best to try and do some form of physical activity every once in a while, takbo minsan, resistance training, football when I can pero madalang na madalang.” 

6. He doesn't believe in collections
“Collections? Wala, siguro alikabok lang (laughs). Wala, wala akong weird collection eh.”