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Nikki Gil shares tidbits about non-showbiz special someone

Nikki Gil says she wants to take her time before jumping into another relationship

Maureen Marie Belmonte

Twitter: @MissHappyWriter


07/27/2014 10:45 PM
Nikki Gil shares tidbits about non-showbiz special someone
072714-nikki_main.jpgAfter recently admitting that she's already exclusively dating a businessman, actress Nikki Gil shared that their being a couple is still a work in progress.

During her live appearance on the Sunday episode of The Buzz, Nikki shared that she is very happy as of the moment because of him.

"I'm not dating anyone else. I guess we're working on making it more than that, something more concrete," she said. 

But according to her, she doesn't want to preempt whatever is in store for the both of them.

"It's just that ayoko ng ayan nanaman announce nanaman. Kasi hindi lang naman kami ang nasa relasyon eh, there are so many people involved and I really wanna take my time," the Hawak Kamay actress explained. 

The stage actress-host in previous interviews has been a little reluctant in sharing things about this new person in her life. However, things seemed to have turned around a bit for Nikki as she opened up about BJ Albert.

She shared that she met him late last year through a common friend after trying to date other guys. "I really tried dating 'yung like going out with different [men]. I guess I know what I want, I know what I don't want and if it's clear I don't wanna waste anyone's time or my time anymore. Parang ganon."

BJ, Nikki reveals, is a businessman who owns a real estate development company and a restaurant, among others. 

With him being a non-showbiz personality, Nikki was quizzed as to whether he approves of her job as an actress wherein she's expected to do sensitive scenes with co-actors, a good example of which was her latest kissing scene with her Hawak Kamay co-star Piolo Pascual.

"Yeah yeah. He knows when we started dating na parte na 'yun ng trabaho ko and hindi naman ako 'yung tipo na [basta basta lang]," stated Nikki.

What many do not know, which Buzz host Kris Aquino revealed, is that BJ is actually a relative of renowned OPM singer Jose Mari Chan on his mother side. Something which Nikki herself confirmed adding that their family are all fond of music.

One year later, Nikki claims that she is now in a better place mainly because she has prayed very hard for it.

"Kasi mabait ang Panginoon. Siguro nagtanim nako ng maraming magandang bagay and it's really just God being so good to me even if I don't deserve it. When I asked him to make me whole, he did. For real. Nadadaan talaga siya sa prayer in fairness," she ended.